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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 13
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“ with which money? My husband and I are
very poor we can’t feed ourselves this baby
came as a mistake” Arie started crying.

“ you will be rich more than you can ever
imagine, take this pearls and You will say
goodbye to poverty forever ” Adriana gave
Arie many pearls. With that they switch the

# present

“ the sisters have met Adriana I hope you
keep your promise ” Arie sighs.
“ mom I’m going to school tomorrow I think
Janelle will have to live with you guys for the
main time” Daniella said bringing Arie back
from her thought.
“ great idea I will have someone who I can
talk to everyday not the one who I hardly
see in a year” Arie said.
“ Whatever just take good care of her”
Daniella hisses.

# the_next_day

Daniella left for school while janelle follow
Arie and the lousy daughter Aria home.
Their mansion is big and very beautiful
unlike Daniella’s apartment. Janelle almost
faint at the sight of the building, wowing
every now and then.
“ will you stop wowing and please enter the
house ?” Aria asked.
“ oh okay” Janelle said regaining herself.
When Arie show Janelle her room she
almost faint. The room is actually for daniella
but since she doesn’t use it, it is now for
“ good day ma’am ” one of the servants
greet Arie.
“ and the princess doesn’t deserve a
greeting? Mutt face? ” Aria called the servant
in a rude manner.
“ I’m sorry young miss, how are you doing

miss” she asked referring to janelle after
apologizing to Aria.
“ its Janelle not miss okay?” Janelle smiled
she remember the faces of those mermaids
that hate her calling her my princess
whenever they need something.
“ janelle I will like to meet Adriana ” Arie
said. Janelle was wondering what Arie mean
when a voice said behind her.
“ here I am”
Who is the voice ?

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