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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 14
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“ ma’am I thought you called me” Benita
one of the maid said.

‘‘no i didn’t you may go just take Aria to the
sauna okay” Arie replied.

“ sauna? Today is not the best day to go to a
sauna so I’m not going I will rather go to
the playground ” Aria disagrees.

_________Daniella’s school________

‘‘make way my fish girl is here’’ Sera said
acting like Daniella’s bodyguard.

“ senior Daniella I’ve always admire you
since I was little now that I’m this school
can you please?” A new student said
stretching a paper and pen to Daniella.

‘‘autographs?’’ Daniella asked.

‘‘thank u senior’’ the girl’s face light happily
as daniella signed the autograph.

All other freshers rush to Daniella with their
own paper and pen demanding an
‘‘ha im so tired right now, if i know the
autograph of a thing still exist i would have
take the back door’’ Daniella yawned lazily in
the head coach office.
‘‘‘stop being and let’s decide on your
trainings’’ the head coach said.
“ head coach you are so cruel imagine it
was you that was signing the tones of
autographs I’m sure you will be in the
hospital right now, please let me rest for
today and I will start tomorrow ” daniella
said stretching her body.
‘‘‘ daniella smith you are too lazy take some
rset drop your bags we are starting your
trainings today whether you like it or not ’’
the head coach said.


“ its not as if I’m the first person to become
a professional swimmer where are others
please I’m tired” Daniella made to leave
when Suzy enters. She smiled, ‘‘ as expected
the loser always enters last, as for him you
may have him but don’t think of joining the
free style team or you will regret it’’ Daniella
“ why?you scared?” Suzy asked.

“ that’s the last thing on my mind, if the
untalented Sera can defeat you in butterfly
strokes competition just tell me how can
you stand a chance against me in free style,
b----t stroke, butterfly stroke or even back
stroke?” Daniella smiled and Suzy’s smile
turn to a frown. “ if you come to free style
I’m telling you you will regret it cos I will
make you regret ever swimming in your life
just as you made me regret ever falling in
love with Daniel I’m going to pay you in ten
thousand no hundred thousands folds mark
my words” Daniella smiled which got the
head coach wondering why the girls are
smiling and frowning.

“ I did not do anything to Daniel what
happened? ” Suzy asked sincerely.
‘“ just take to my words okay? ” Daniella

“ head coach I’m going to start my training
today okay even right now” Daniella said.

“ its not actually a training but rather like a
competition, one of my class mates when I
was in school also now a coach said one of
his chinese students in the fastest swimmer
no knowing we actually have a mermaid
here right Suzy?” head coach said.

“ yes the only fish like creature in maidri our
Daniella ” Suzy replied.

________Smith’s mansion_______

“ Janelle is here our daughter Johnson
Adriana kept the promise ” Arie said happily.

“ how is Janelle your daughter?” a voice
asked behind her.

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