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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 17
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In the end Daniella won the 200m free style competition leading with 15.1secs.

“ i see you are really a fish” jie’er hisses.
“ almost down i thought you will loose” Suzy breath a sign of relief while Daniella hissed loudly. “ what do you expect snakie? The enemy that is throwing daggers at me” Daniella smile wickedly. “ Daniella i didn’t mean to get in between you and Daniel but my curiosity get the better of me I’m sorry I only want to see if you will cry” Suzy explained emotionally then Daniella blow in anger.

“ you want to know if I will cry? Sincerely if I am Daniel I would have killed you, you know he needed the money badly and you took advantage of that? Suzy you are not a human being” Daniella yelled.

“ I didn’t mean to, I have never seen you cry or just even one single tears from your eyes, I know Daniel is the most precious thing to you that’s why I try to make him break up with you maybe you will cry” Suzy continued but daniella won’t have of that.

“ what type of friend are you? Suzy if I cry you can’t dry my tears but you are looking for a way for me to shed more tears? You are disgusting ” Daniella pulled Suzy’s hair in anger. I’m sorry is the only thing suzy manage to say before she left the office and she burst into an heavy tears outside.

“ I know how you feel but you should try to forgive her because there is nothing going on between them” the head coach said.

“ never! I will never forgive suzy” Daniella yelled before leaving the office.

_______Smith’s mansion_______

“ janelle let’s go to movies together and maybe catch a little fun” Aria called but notice janellei is sleeping. “ she is sleeping ” she made to tiptoe but notice janelle is making a kissing sound in her sleep and she is even talking.

“ you are too beautiful ? Maybe she is talking to me” Aria thought. Janelle make the kissing sound again which got Aria wondering whom she is kissing in her dream.

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