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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 18
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“ hey hey janelle you are day dreaming ” Aria try to wake her. Janelle woke up and she saw david standing beside her and smiling at her. “ beautiful one there you are” Janelle try to kiss david not knowing it was Aria standing beside her not david. “ hey janelle! Wake up!” Aria yelled holding Janelle’s head to prevent janelle from kissing her. She shakes Janelle’s head twice before janelle regain her senses. “ oh its little Aria I’m sorry I was actually dreaming ” janelle said but Aria stare at her with a cold face.

“ I’m not little, I’m fifteen!” Aria yelled which scared janelle. “ok you are fifteen and you are not little, you are a big girl” janelle smiled
“ ok lets go to the movies together” Aria blushed. “ what is the movies?” janelle asked. “ don’t worry you will know when get there” Aria replied. She gave janelle a dress, she want to cut Janelle’s hair but she stop her. “ what are you trying to do?” janelle asked. “ I want to style your hair, its too long” Aria replied. “ but it is beautiful like this i like it” janelle protest. “ no try to be a little bit fashionable i promise i wont make it too short” Aria said. “ i don’t want yo cut it” janelle disagree again. Then Aria show her some pictures of beautiful models with moderate hair. “ you see I know you have a crush on a guy and if you want to win his heart you have to look elegant and beautiful like this model” Aria said pointing to a beautiful model in the magazine. “ wow I will cut it” Janelle agree and Aria smiled. “ hmm I hope I meet my beautiful one” Janelle smiled as she thought. Aria is talented in styling hair and janelle’s red hair is now very beautiful all thanks to Aria. “ wow it is beautiful ” janelle smiled but suddenly her eyeball turn to red and her smile disappear. “ Daniella is crying” she said and Aria almost faint due to shock. “ hey janelle your eyes” Aria said but janelle didn’t care. “ do you know where my sister is?” Janelle asked which confuse Aria more. “ what do you mean ?” Aria asked. “ I mean Daniella where is she?” Janelle asked again. “ she is in school, do you want to see her? I can take you there its not far” Aria said. “ yes I need to see her” janelle replied. “your eyes is scary okay let’s go” Aria said and she called the driver to take them to Daniella’s school.

_______Daniella’s school_______

Daniella is in her room crying silently many pearls were shining beside her. Her tears is really turning to them which terrified her but she won’t stop crying. There is not even a trace of tears in her eyes but her eyes is red. She remember how Daniel use to get jealous when other guys try to at least snap pictures with her. How they use to celebrate many parties together to how they use to fight back then when they refuse accept they love each other. Suddenly her eyeball change to red like Janelle’s own. She notice her eyes is getting brighter as Janelle’s eyes is also getting brighter which scares Aria.

The hostel mistress knock Daniella’s door to tell her janelle and aria are outside. She quickly cover her eyes with her hand so others won’t notice only to bump into janelle who is also doing the same thing for the same reason.

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