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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 19
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“ what on earth? Daniella you too? I thought
Janelle is strange but now my own sister?” Aria
said as she tried to enter the room but daniella
prevent her. “ Aria can you please wait in the
car ? I need to speak with Daniella secretly
please” janelle said, Aria hesitate but finally
agree. Their eyeball is still red but not as bright
as before. “ Daniella I need to tell you the truth
because if I don’t you will find out eventually and
probably from the wrong person” Janelle said
after she made sure everywhere is locked and no
one can hear them. “ which truth? Janelle look
I’m strange and I don’t know why, I can’t form a
single tear before but loot at me the day I start
crying my tears turn to something I find very
strange ” Daniella remove her blanket to reveal
the pearls she is hiding under it. “wait Daniella I
understand but do you wish to know why you are
like that?” janelle asked and Daniella nodded. “ I
was born a mermaid right here on land with
human parents and you are born human under
the sea with mermaid parents, we were twins
sisters from heaven but were switched spiritually
because we are here on a mission” Janelle
explained. “ wait you mean you are a mermaid?

But you know my mom she is not a mermaid ”
Daniella said when she can’t seem to get it all
right. “ I’m sorry to tell you this but they are your
earth parents and your real parents are in the
sea” Janelle explained. “ is that why my tears

turn to pearls?” Daniella asked curiously. “ yes
because we met each other we unlock our
powers, in the mermaid world I was the only
princess that can’t form pearls with her tears but
when you chased me in the sea I have legs a
little too early and my tears start turning to
pearls” Janelle added. “ wait this is crazy I can’t
believe it” Daniella said. “ you have to and
Daniella we have to be stronger to save our
world because the mermaid kingdom is falling
apart, if Andrea succeed in taking the throne the
mermaid world will be in chaos and it will affect
the humans too cos the sirens won’t have any
options than to kill innocent humans stronger and
defeat the mermaids ” janelle explained with
tears in her eyes and immediately they turn to
pearls . now Daniella believe her. “ I don’t think
I’m useful because i dont even have a tail”
Daniella said it janelle wave it off. “ you can
breathe under water right?” Janelle asked. “ yes
but I don’t think that would do, ha I get you a tail
make over?Daniella suggest. “ maybe , its not yet
time but we need to get stronger before then”
Janelle said. “ I have trainings now maybe when
I’m on holiday we can embark on the magical
journey ” Daniella said.

________Under the sea_____

“ I can sense it I feel it, janelle meet her sister ”
Amelia said and Adriana smiled. “sister I need to
discuss something with you” Adriana said. “ go
on I’m listening ” Amelia replied. “do you by
chance see Andrea as the monster?I mean in
your visions ” Adriana asked. “ no I saw the
monster in its form why do you ask?” Amelia
replied. “ because Andrea is seeing shema on
the sea shore” Adriana replied and Amelia raise
a brow.“ you mean the mermaid that was
banished because she practices dark magic?”

Amelia asked. “ yes janelle told and the sirens
confirmed it” Adriana replied. “ well let’s tell the
Queen ” Amelia suggest but Adriana disagrees. “

we have to have an idea on what she is planning
” Adriana said and Amelia agree.

_______Daniella’s school______

After discussing about the mermaid world janelle
leaves and Daniella pack the pearls into a small

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