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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 20
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As Daniella is busy packing the pearls she notice
some are floating in the air she raise her hand
and all the pearls follow the direction of her
hands. This is strange but she put her hands
together and the pearls also join together. She
imagine some things in her mind and the pearls
also follow suit. Her eyes get brighter as the
pearls obey every of her command. Everything
seems new to her but she like the new
development and the magical thing. Days after
days she learn how to control the pearl and her
powers like changing her eye colour and making
pearls do things for secretly with Janelle’s help.

She prepare for her final competition to become
a professional swimmer. She trained day and
night which got Suzy and Sera worried she might
die of fatigue.

Janelle on the other hand with the help of Arie
and Adriana she get to explore her powers
better. She can’t control pearl more but when it
comes to waves she is very good at it. She can
strangle her fellow mermaid with just a flick of
her fingers except Daniella because they can’t
defeat each other even when it comes to

While the girls are exploring their powers andrea
is also with shema learning every spells of dark
magic. She is now powerful even more than
shema and this make shema jealous. How can
someone she taught dark magic will be more
powerful than her? This piss her off but she need
Andrea’s power to get revenge on the mermaids
who made her life misrable.

Shema is just a young mermaid with a lot of

courage. Other mermaids admire her boldness
and intelligence. Adriana is her role model but
she is Andrea’s bestfriend. She want to be
powerful like adriana and she find herself
wanting that power till she develop a greed for it
and she start finding every means of getting that
powers till she came across an old witch who
taught her the element of dark magic and how
to use it forgetting dark magic is forbidden in the
mermaid kingdom. She was found out
unfortunately and she was deprived of her
powers by the queen but her dark magic is still
there. She can’t breathe under water and she
can’t have tails again as a mermaid. She despise
all those who support the queen’s action.

Janelle misses the sea greatly so with the help
of her new found strength she decided to go and
check on her family. She is tired of talking to to
adriana through spiritual sensing. She saw
someone sitting at the seashore playing with
rocks looking at the sea with an absent mind.

“ oh gosh I won’t be able to see my family but
who is it?” janelle thought as she move closer to
see David staring at the sea. “ beautiful one?”

Janelle said and he turned to see the see the
person behind him and he give her a hug
immediately. “ hey I’m not Daniella this is Janelle
” Janelle said excitedly though she thought he is
there for Daniella. “ I know just let me stay like
this I miss you” David said and janelle felt
electric shock in her body. “ how can you appear
just now? Where the hell have you been?” David
yelled after the hug. Janelle is shocked. “ wha
wha what do you mean” janelle manage to spew
out the words. “ do you know how long I’ve wait
hers for you? You appear in my life once and you
disappeared? Who gave you the right?” david
yelled more which Janelle cant get together. “ I
don’t get you its not like we have something
together we’ve only seen each other once so
what?” janelle try to pretend. “ hey dont pretend i
know you feel something for me even Daniella
confirm it. I try to believe I love Daniella not you,
I try to get you off my mind but no I realise I
love you but why did you charm me with your
love at first sight only to disappear the next
day?” David said and it lead to 7 mins awkward

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