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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 21
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“ wait wait wait are you telling me you love me?

But you and Daniella are dating ” janelle finally
broke the silence. “ are you deaf when she made
it clear to me she is in love with another person?

We are just friends” David said sitting on a rock
and janelle join him. “ and how sure are you? I
don’t want to fight with my sister because of a
guy” janelle said though it hurt her badly. “ wait
you and Daniella are sisters? But she told me you
are only friends ” David said but janelle only
smile. “ sister or friend any one you calk it but I
can’t fight with her because of you” janelle try to
stand up but David pull her hard that she end up
sitting on his laps which send thousands of
butterfly fluttering in her stomach. “ Daniella
loves Daniel and I can swear even on my life on
that” David said. “ stop doing this to me I don’t
even know your name and you are telling me you
love me? Come on if that’s a joke I dont like that
kind of joke, we only saw each other once ”
janelle try to stand up again but David pulled her
back. “ tell me you don’t love me tell me you
don’t feel something for me, swear just swear”
David said and janelle keep mute. “ oh my god
Daniella can you hear me?” Janelle try to create
a spiritual conversation with Daniella. The
conversation is new to Daniella which made her
loose control when she is swimming.

“ janelle this thing is new to me you scared me”
Daniella yelled still in the pool.

“ can you please stop shouting? You are freaking

me out ” janelle replied while David stare at her

“ OK what’s the problem? ” Daniella asked now
out of the pool.

“ ehmm you and the beautiful one are dating
right?” Janelle asked.

“ who is the beautiful one? Ah OK david no we
are just friends why are you asking? Are you in
love with him by any chance” Daniella asked and
it caught janelle off guard.

“ no I mean yes, he actually ask me out” janelle
said and daniella laughed happily.

“ hmm I hope Daniella is not crazy” Suzy said
watching Daniella as she talk to herself.

“ oh my sweet sister is in love, if I win this final
competition I swear I will set a date for you
guys” Daniella said and janelle laughed.

“ hey what is wrong with you? Are you thinking
about it? Cause I won’t take no for an answer”

David said and janelle finally break the spiritual

“ I can’t deny beautiful one , I love you but I
don’t know why I actually fell for you because
some unseen force drag me to love you at first
sight” Janelle said and David’s handsome face
beamed with smiles.

“ even I try to deny it but you keep appearing in
my dream ” David said and with Janelle still on
his lap he bend his head to kiss her when they
hear Adriana’s voice.

“ Janelle Janelle ” Adriana called and janelle pull
David under a under a giant rock.

“ janelle stop hiding I can see your legs”

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