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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 22
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“ Adriana stop this please I’m begging you ”
Janelle prayed silently.

“ who is that? And why is she coming out of the
sea?” David asked.

“ David promise me that once you know my true
self you wont hate me” janelle said and David
stare at her awkwardly.

“ of course i won’t hate you why are you thinking
like that? Whether you are pretty or ugly you are
still that girl who always call me beautiful one”
David smiled although Janelle is still

“ Janelle I’m waiting” Adriana called again and
this time she is out of the sea with her red tail
resting on a rock. Janelle stand up holding
David’s hand. “ that’s what I am” janelle said
pointing at Adriana. David is scared because all
this is strange to him. He remember Daniella
freaking out because she saw a mermaid and he
did not even think Janelle could be one. He want
to say something but can’t find his voice.

“ Janelle I didn’t know you were with someone

I’m sorry I only felt your presence that’s why I rushed up here” Adriana said but janelle is
scared maybe David won’t love her anymore and she is angry because Adriana is the cause. She is still waiting for David to say something, she understand he must have been shocked to even say anything. “ I think I have a lot to get off my head” David said when he finally found his voice.

He left the scene and janelle burst into
uncontrollable tears.

“ its all your fault sister, I thought you said you

are smart , why will you come out here during
the day in the first place? What if there are many
humans here?” janelle yelled at Adriana.

“ I never thought my sister will yell at me
because of a human, Janelle wake up I sent you
here to find your sister not to fall in love”
Adriana yelled back.

“ is it my fault I fell in love? If David hate me for
this I will have you to blame” janelle cried more
creating waves in the sea and more pearls were
shining beside her courtesy of her tears.

“ if he really love you as you claim, he will come
back for you whether you are a mermaid or a
human” Adriana try to calm Janelle’s anger.

“ if he doesn’t come back you will never see me
again not to talk of fulfilling the prophecy”
Janelle warned and this time her eyes is already

“ hey calm down he will dont worry he just need
to clear his head” Adriana replied.

While the ladies are discussing David is trying to
believe he is not dreaming. He try to forget the
whole incident and even janelle but he can’t just
himself to do it. It is hard to forget his feelings
for Janelle and to forget that she is a mermaid.

“ Being a mermaid is cool., she is not a monster
after all and she is beautiful and she even love
me maybe what I did was wrong, Daniella
probably know what she is and they are still
friends, why can’t I accept her since I love her ”
All this thought run on his mind the suddenly
turned back to the direction of the sea. He ran
and her quickly hug Janelle whispering I’m sorry
in her ears.

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