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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 23
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“ whether you are a mermaid or not I will
always love you” David said still hugging

“ I was scared I thought you will hate me for
that ” janelle reply also hugging him tightly.
“ you guys are making me feel somehow
but don’t worry I will find someone to fall in
love with” Adriana said and they all laugh.
“ I love you” David said looking into Janelle’s

“ I love you too david” janelle replied.
“ keep it to the minimum please someone is
jealous here ” Adriana said again.
“ OK sister” janelle smiled.
“ what about Daniella?” Adriana asked.
“ here she is ” Daniella said running towards
them with her full speed.

“ I thought you are busy ella” janelle said
“ never too busy to learn new things, oops
David is here” Daniella said when she finally
notice David .
“ don’t tell me you are also a mermaid ”
David said.

“ not actually one , I don’t have a tail I was
born under the sea” Daniella replied.
“ ah I get it that’s why you are a human fish
(lol)” David said and they all laughed.

“ my love I will be back I’ve got something
to do down there ” janelle said but David
look sad.

“ you don’t have to look sad wait for us in
my apartment ” Daniella throw the jets at

“ OK promise you won’t take too much time
or I will miss you too much” David reply and
they laugh again.

David left and they dived into the sea, then
something strange happen Daniella’s feet

start changing to a tail. Her tail is very
beautiful and shiny. It is red just like Janelle’s
and Adriana’s tail but her fin got some
golden spot just like the Queen’s tail.

“ wow that’s beautiful I guess ” janelle said
but Adriana is marveled at the beauty of
daniella’s tail.

“ show me what you got girls” Adriana
ordered. The girls start showcasing their
skills, Daniella with the pearls and janelle
with the waves.

Meanwhile somewhere in the ocean shema
now breathing under water and Andrea are
discussing about the human born mermaid.
“ we have to get rid of the human princess
my princess ” shema suggest.
“ hmm you are right I have to get rid of my
main enemy don’t you think?” Andrea

“ of course my princess but you have to be
careful she is too powerful” shema said
which triggers Andrea’s anger.
“ shut up! No one is as powerful as me no
one! I’m the most powerful princess in the
mermaid kingdom hahahahahaha no one I
repeat no one can get me not even my
mother get that into your block head!”
Andrea laughed wickedly.
“ really seriously when I’m not dead wait till
I get my mermaid powers back I’m going to
destroy you and take the throne” shema
said silently.

“ you say?” Andrea said but shema pretend
as if she said nothing
“ when that day comes I will be the ruler of
this kingdom, all mermaids, mermans and
sirens will bow to me and you shall be one
of my loyal servant” Andrea laughed again.
“ I will not be a servant never!” shema

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