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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 24
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“ what are you saying?!” Andrea asked

“ nothing don’t pay attention to me” shema
just laugh it off.

While they were discussing their frenemy
plan, huge waves from Janelle’s power
started affecting them. “ what was that?”
Andrea asked no one in particular. They
start tracing the direction of the great
energy, unfortunately for them one of
daniella’s huge pearl hit them badly and
andrea fumes in anger.

She try to attack them but shema stop her
from doing so. She told her not use the dark
magic carelessly or she might be banished
just like her.

Andrea listens but thinks about the strange
mermaid with golden fin( Daniella ) she
might be the human born mermaid she is
looking for.

Daniella and janelle after showing Adriana
their skills, they swam out of the sea tired
and exhausted, janelle suggest they spend
the night at Daniella’s apartment but daniella
told her she need to prepare for the
competition in school but janelle can sleep
there if she wants. They have forgotten that
David is waiting for them in the apartment
as soon as janelle enter the house she
collapsed on the couch not knowing David
was lying there so she automatically
collapsed on him.

“ ahhhhhh” janelle screamed when she
finally noticed someone is on the couch.

“ hey thats too loud jany I’m the one my love
I guess you forgot I was waiting for you
guys here where is daniella?” David asked.

“ ah I’m sorry I’m just too tired” Janelle

yawned lazily.

“ oh I understand, are you sleeping here
tonight? ” David said.

“ yes why do you ask?” janelle replied with
another question.

“ I’m afraid you will have to sleep alone
because my boss just called me right now”
David said.

“ its not as if we are sleeping together
before ” janelle murmurs under her breath
but David heard it loudly.

“ that sound like a murmur but I heard it
clearly” David teased and it occur to janelle.

She probably can’t keep anything from David
anymore because anything she said with
her mind will be heard by David whether
she like it or not.

If a human being loves a mermaid he/she is
capable of hearing the mermaid’s heart
when they are together so it is almost
impossible for them to keep things from
their selves.

“ I guess I have to go now bye my love”
David said but she janelle frown.

“ not even a goodbye kiss?”she murmurs

“ oh I’m sorry ” he want to kiss her when
daniella barged into the house.

“ I want to …. Oh gosh am I interrupting
anything ?” daniella said while janelle look
away shyly.

“ continue with what you are doing don’t
act as if I’m here I will just go” daniella

Daniella walk to the main road trying to get
a taxi but she couldn’t so she try to trek.

A car almost knock her down while she was
trekking, she curse under her breath
determined to teach the reckless driver a
lesson but when the driver get out of the
the car she melt almost crying.

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