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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 25
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“ Daniel?” Daniella called
“ Dan ? Dan?” Daniel also called repeatedly.
Compare to the Daniel Daniella use to know
he is now a little bit different but still
handsome. his face is bow filled with
sadness unlike the jovial and funny Daniel. it
hurt Daniella to see him like like that but she
still manage to maintain a straight face.
when she couldn’t bear the pain anymore
she try to walk out but Daniel held her hand.
“ Dan for the first time please my love hear
my story” Daniel said and it took Daniella her
last strength so she won’t cry at the

“ let me go, as you can see I’m in a hurry I’m
not here to hear your pathetic story”
Daniella yelled.

“ just for once! Ella! hear me out!” Daniel
also yell.

“ seriously Daniel you have changed so
much, the Daniel I know will never yell at
me” Daniella fought the tears that are
threatening to flow out of her eyes.
“ yes because you changed me, your temper
is the only thing that break us apart do you
know?” Daniel said.

“ if you don’t have any reasonable excuse
please let me go” Daniella yelled.
“ how how how am I the fault ? Suzy told
you to break up with me and you agreed
remember? how is it my temper?” the tears
she is trying to hold are now flowing like a
mad river she quickly cover her face with
the other hand to hide the pearl that will
soon form from the tears.

“ Daniella calm down, I didn’t want to break
up with you its just a prank” Daniel said still

holding her hands.

“ there was a rumor that you are witch or
something like that among other swimmers,
and they even justify it by saying witches
don’t cry and that’s why you can’t firm a
single tear with your eyes. Although all this
were kept from you but Suzy was worried
and that’s why she told me, she suggest a
break up prank which I quickly reject but syr
told me she will make a quick video of you
crying and show it to those who were
carrying false rumor about you to clear your
name but your temper!” Daniel explained.
“ what’s wrong with my temper? if you are
in my shoes what will you probably do?”
Daniella asked.

“ I would have ask the reason behind the
break up which you didn’t even do instead
you walk out on me, Suzy is not my
girlfriend she is my cousin ” Daniel said
calmly when he notice that Daniella is

“ Daniella are you crying?” he asked but
Daniella try to hide it.

while he is trying to remove her hand from
her face he end up spilling the pearls that
Daniella was trying to hide.

“ oh my goodness what is that? ” Daniel
asked but Daniella kept mute.

“ that is my tears the tears you wish to see
that’s it satisfied? ” Daniella said after
minutes of awkward silence.

“ pearls? only mermaids tears turn to Pearl
which means you are one? Daniella ” Daniel

“ yes I’m one so what? I’m a mermaid what?

but I’m not a witch” Daniella replied angrily.

“ how? you never told me anything ” Daniel
said calmly.

“ how can I tell you anything when I just
found out ?” Daniella can’t help but smile
even though she is still angry.

“ you smiled! you just smiled!” Daniel
shouted happily.

“ from now on I don’t want anymore tears
from my pearl all I want is smile from my
human mermaid ” Daniel said jokingly and
Daniella notice for the first time he is more

“ seriously Daniel are you asking me out

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