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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Daniella and Janelle rushed to the sea and
since janelle know the kingdom well she
lead the way.

Everything is beautiful and new to Daniella
she enjoy the beautiful sights of mermaid
dance. She have the look of a princess which
she is. Every princess stood beside the
queen but daniella refuses she prefer to
sing and dance with the mermaids, and
since janelle is recognised and she is not so
she keep having fun.

Adriana inform the old siren of the
upcoming danger, she begged the old siren
to fight with them and she promise that
they won’t have to live in hiding anymore.

The old siren agrees.

As Andrea predicted adriana was made the
crown princess, she want to fight but
shema prevent her and she end up hurting

“ no! I will not accept this everyone knows
that I am the older princess so I deserve to
wear that crown!” Andrea yelled.

“ its not about being older but what is
inside your head! You are too dumb to be a
queen” Amelia yelled back and Andrea hate
word “ dumb” being used on her.

she try to use her real magic to hurt Amelia
but Daniella was quick to block it with a ball
of light sending the pearls back to Andrea
which send her crashing against a pearly

“ how dare you?! Don’t you know who I
am?!” Andrea yelled at Daniella.

“ it doesn’t matter who I am but I don’t
know why I develop hate at first sight for
you” daniella laughed. Andrea fired all her
pearls at once at Daniella, which fell on her

skin as if petals just land there.

“ seriously is that all you got ?” now take
this!” Daniella fired one of her ball of light
filled with many pearls at Andrea gich send
crashing on a rock this time.

“ who is that mermaid I have never seen her
here” the queen asked adriana while
watching the fight between Andrea and

“ I’m sorry I didn’t inform you before but
she is Janelle’s twin sister born under this
sea” Adriana replied.

“ what? That was the human baby? But how
cone she have a tail?” the queen asked.

“ they met and they unlock their powers ”
adriana smiled.

“ we have the human born mermaid now
who is the monster among the princess?”
the queen thought.

“ mom I can hear that but isn’t it obvious?
That is Andrea ” adriana replied.

“ hmm if anything happens promise you will
protect the sea with your sistes” the queen

“of course” adriana replied but something
caught their eyes. Daniella’s eyes is now
shining red so does Janelle’s eyes. Andrea is
transforming into something else. With a
dragon like tail and she is getting bigger
with two horns on her head. Janelle and
daniella’s tail also change to that of dragon
but they don’t have horns like andrea and
they are not big like her.

“ I am the rightful heir and every mermaid
will bow to me!!

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