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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 28
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“ No my dear Andrea no one will bow to you
not me not other mermaids! ” Janelle yelled
for the first time after her transformation.
“ oops look at the weak useless princess
talking you don’t stand a chance ” Andrea
laughed in her thick dark voice.

“ I think you don’t stand a chance!” janelle

said angrily as she fire one of her thick wave
molfix at Andrea which caught her neck
really nice. She manage to strangle her for a
while Adriana quickly rushed othe mermaids
to the sirens. The sirens are now in their
warrior look promising to fight for the sea
no matter what.

The molfix worked till janelle is exhausted
and couldn’t hold it but all mermaids were
all out of kingdom except the queen and

When Andre manage to get rid of the molfix
she use her long tail to slam her against a
rock. Janelle is exhausted so this affect her
greatly. She landed beside the queen, who
hand her the powerful Trident but she
threw it at daniella who caught it
immediately because she is too weak.

Daniella is angry but decided not to use the
trident’s power in anger because anger
destroy things. Andrea try to hit Daniela with
her staff but daniella dodge and it end up
hitting the water balance which will soon
cause flood. Adriana saw this and she
quickly change her tails to legs, she went to
the land to stop the flood.

With all her power and strength she hold
the flood when Amelia saw that Adriana is
exhausted and the flood will soon breach to

the human world. She joined her but this is
not working, then she see in her vision the
pillar of light is not stabilized she alone went
to stabilize the pillar but was surprise to see
shema gasping for breath underwater she
is drowning.

She did not even look at shema she took
care the business she came there to do.

After stabilizing the pillar she took pity on
her and she took her to the sea shore.

The fight still continue down there, janelle
can’t stand up but Daniella threw a pearl at
her which form a ball of light in front of
janelle. She touch it and get all her lost
powers back.

“ you can’t get me! Tiny little brat Janelle is
weak it remains only you ” andrea keep

“ no I’m not dead I’m fyn and I’m alive how
will you cope with this? Twins sisters on
you” janelle said and daniella did a high five
to her.

“ let’s do this!” daniella shouted and they
both started using their powers together
with the Trident but they don’t know why
andrea keep getting stronger.

Adriana and Amelia revived shema and she
regret her decision of helping andrea but
she blame the other mermaid for banishing
her. “ can you see the damage you have
caused? What can we do to stop Andrea? I
need answer now!” adriana yelled.

“ Even I don’t know, she connived with the
old witch of darkness to send me out of the
dark magic kingdom and I’m sure the witch
have possessed her and no matter how
much those two mermaids fight her she will
get powerful than before except her…..

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