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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 29
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Even I don’t know, she connived with the
old witch of darkness to send me out of the
dark magic kingdom and I’m sure the witch
have possessed her and no matter how
much those two mermaids fight her she will
get powerful than before except her staff is
destroyed so tell them to snatch that staff
from her and destroy it” shema explained.

“ no I think I have an answer “the tears of a
pearl fell on the Trident and the monster
disappeared” Amelia explain her vision.

“ who is the pearl? And how are we going
to get her tears” Adriana asked.

“ sister you are testing out my patient every
mermaid tears turn to pearl but there is a
certain princess who is the goddess of
pearls she never cried until she met her
sister ” Amelia explain and no one need to
tell adriana that the goddess of pearl is

“ daniella can you hear me?” adriana called
but both Daniella and janelle are already

“ now I’m going to destroy you both!”
andrea laugh as she raise her staff up.

Daniella’s eyes caught it on time. Why didn’t
she think about this before. With the help of
the Trident she snatch away the staff from
Andrea and she destroy it with one of her
warrior pearl

Andrea’s power is now weak without the
staff. Adriana try to call daniella again but
she couldn’t hear. “ what are we going to
do now? Although I manage to stabilize the
pillar of light but the flood will soon rise
again and I can feel they are getting

weaker” Amelia said.

“ oh its all my fault I shouldn’t have help
Andrea Janelle was doing fine in the human
world I should gave accept my punishment
now I have put everyone in danger ” shema

Still under the sea andrea became more
angrier, she pollute the sea with dark magic
making breathing impossible for daniella
and janelle. But janelle being the wave
control the clean and good water and she
block the bad water back to Andrea.

Due to force of Janelle’s waves the flood rate
increases draining most of Adriana and
Amelia’s energy.

“ the pillar of balance, Amelia go and
stabilize the pillar of balance before the
flood get out of control” Adriana called
Amelia whose energy is draining due to the

“ I can’t almost all my energy is gone maybe
you should go” Amelia replied.

“ but I can’t leave this place you can’t control
the water ” Adriana said.

“ if you can allow me I can help princess
Amelia while you go back to the sea” shema
volunteer but Adriana and Amelia didn’t
trust but they have no choice.

Adriana swam quickly to the sea while
Amelia and shema hold the flood.

While Adriana stabilize the pillar of balance
Andrea is already dealing with the girls
badly. She want to end them with a final
move but the queen use her shield to
protect both Daniella and Janelle.

“ Andrea get back to your senses you are
ruining your world” the queen yelled.
“ I won’t listen to you, when I’m done with
all of you I will throw Adriana to the octopus
and turn every one of you to whatever I like
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha this kingdom is
mine and mine forever!” Andrea laughed

She fire one of her heavy dark magic to the
queen which send her off balance.

“ I’m sorry mother but you have to take that.

Now to you guys get ready to be destroyed
” she yelled and daniella and Janelle were
too tired to do anything.

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