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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Daniella loves keeping short black hair a lot although there is a little strand of red hair but she always dye it regularly so other people won’t notice. Now all her hairs are red but bother her is not the red hair but the waist length hair. Her once fair skin is now milky white. She took her phone to call her mom. “ mom I want you here right now or I will loose my mind” daniella said and she hang up immediately. “ but what happened? ” Arie wondered.

Daniella paced all around not getting what is happening to her. “ but my hair was short and black yesterday, my skin is not pale what in the world happen to me? First I saw a mermaid, I chased her, I’m breathing under water, now my hair is all red and my skin is pale. Oh god or it because I chased the mermaid? Definitely not but why? Why did I deserve all this? All bad things keep happening to me but why? ” she soliloquizes. “ not me why me? Oh god not me” she began to weep just then Arie enter the house. When she saw Daniella’s state she cover her mouth. “ Ella honey what happen to you?” Arie asked. “ I don’t know I just woke up like this” Daniella said wiping her tears with the back of her hand. “ Ella you cried! You cried!” Arie exclaimed happily but when she saw what the tears are turning to she just sat beside daniella and she start her own part of tears. “ mom look at that, they are pearls where did you get them?” Daniella sniffs. “ your tears are turning to pearls honey” Arie manage to say through her tears. “ what? Since I saw that mermaid all this start happening to me but why? Is it a crime to see a supernatural creature?” Daniella cried more. “ I don’t know if I should cry more or be happy because I’ve never cried in my entire life” Daniella choke on her words while crying. “ dear we have to act like this never happens, I will dye your hair and cut it for you forget about the pearls just try not cry in public ” Arie wipe her tears.

_______Under the sea_______

“ Amelia what did you see?” the queen asked. Amelia is the only princess who is a seer. She can see the future and read destinies. “ After the abdication of queen Paula on her hundredth year, one of the princess will become a ruthless monster, no one in the sea will ne able to destroy it not even, the queen , mermaids, mermans and siren will be able to destroy it, the sea will fall into chaos but the sisters born in the opposite world will be able to destroy the monster once and for all” Amelia said with her eyes shining bright. “ what ? Which one of the princess? So we can prevent it” the queen asked. “ there is nothing we can do, the power hungry princess will become a monster” Amelia replied.

______Daniella’s house_____

“ tada we are done now you are now looking more beautiful, this milky white skin is really a blessing” Arie said. “ mom stop being a talkative ” daniella almost yelled. “ don’t yell at me, your temper is something else, let’s go to the sea shore honey” Arie said happily. “ so you can also see a mermaid? And become like this? ” daniella frowns. “ since when did you start worrying about me?” Arie asked. “ of course I will, you are my mom” Daniella said and the atmosphere became tense.

______Under the sea_____

“ call me janelle” the queen said to one of her maids. “ okay your majesty, princess janelle the queen request for your attention ” the maid called. “ mom I’m here” janelle said smiling. “ I have grant your wish you can go to human world” the queen said and janelle almost die of happiness. “ thank you thank you” janelle cried.

Who do you think the two sisters born in opposite world are?

Which princess do you think will become a monster?

Why do you think the queen is sending janelle to human world?

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