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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 7
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“ why are you sending janelle away my queen?” Amelia asked. “ she is the weakest among the princess and my hundredth year is just next year and I don’t want anything to happen to her” the queen said and pearls could be seen falling from her eyes. “my queen it is better as she is not part of us” amelia said. “ what do you mean she is not part of us?” the queen asked. “ don’t worry my queen ” amelia replied.

“ oh I wish janelle will just be stronger” the queen said.

“oh my sister Ana ” janelle called as she entered Adriana’s room. “ congratulations I heard it” Adriana replied smiling. “ oh god since i got the legs maybe I should be going now” janelle said and Adriana sighs. “ honestly janelle I don’t want you to go, Amelia is a seer she can’t become a queen and I don’t have the intention of having the throne either” Adriana said. “what do you mean?” janelle asked. “ in this situation, you are the best candidate, please stay” Adriana begged. “ but what of sister Andrea? She is the oldest” janelle frown. “ yes but she have no brain, the kingdom is going to collapse under her rule but if you insist you can go janelle” Adriana said with a calm voice. “ you are the best princess I’ve ever known you have the characteristic of a queen just be queen for me” Janelle hug her.

“ maybe I should get going” janelle added. “ OK my blessings are with you go I will contact you when its the hundredth year goodbye ” Adriana pick the pearls that forming from her tears. “ bye sister I will miss you” janelle sniffs. “ leave quickly or I won’t be able to send you off” Adriana’s pearls is now getting much. “ bye sister I will miss you” janelle wave at Adriana.

____Daniella’s house___

“ let’s just go to the sea” daniella said
“oh god ella I wish to stay longer but I will have to leave now” Arie said. “ ok you can go but please bring Aria next time” Daniella replied. “ I’m sure the little princess miss you I will make sure i bring her ” Arie left and Daniela also weñt to the seashore.

“ how did I do it ?” Janelle said trying to walk, she try to run but she fell down. “ that girl is strange, (lol) she did not even realize she is naked ” Daniella wonder looking at janelle. Janelle try to stand up but instead she faints. “ hey stand up before someone comes, hey hey” Daniella called. “ is she dead? Hey oh no she fainted” daniella manage to carry janelle to her own house.

____1hour later_____

“ she won’t wake up” daniella thought.

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