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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 8
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“maybe she manage to survive drowning ”
daniella thought. Daniella place Janelle on her
bed so she can sleep well. Exhausted after
taking care of her she slept beside janelle. “

where is this place? What am I doing here?”
Janelle wonder after opening her eyes but she
screamed when she saw daniella beside her.

The scream wake Daniella up and she also scream
forgetting the girl she brought home earlier. “ oh
you scared me” Daniella said holding her chest
but janelle didn’t talk. “ what is your name?
Where are you living? let me take you home”
Daniella asked but janelle just sit there not
talking looking like a dummy. “have you eaten?
Oh what type of question is this? Ok ok what
happened to you? Hey can you hear me?” daniella
asked but janelle is just looking at her. “i swear!
Did she loose her memory? Hey are you deaf?
Can you hear me? But I heard you scream you
can talk ” daniella said sitting beside janelle.
Janelle shift a little bit. “ hey I don’t mean any
harm, wait OK let’s put it like this, I’m a friend
and I wish to help you just tell me what
happened to you? ” Daniella said calmly. but
Janelle’s stomach start making noise. “oh you
must be hungry but there is something I’m
allergic to fish I can’t eat fish and I’m a
vegetarian” Daniella said but Janelle only nod. “

oh you can hear me now” Daniella smile. “ its not that I’m dumb but I didn’t trust you before”
Janelle said for the first time. youh you can trust

me I’m not evil but what happened to you? your boyfriend cheat on you? your parent disown you?

why won’t you trust anyone? ” Daniella asked but Janelle just kept quiet. “ OK just eat and we will talk later” Daniella added. “ stand up or you can’t? ” Daniella asked. “ you go first” Janelle said trying learn how Daniella will walk.

She try to stand up and copy the same thing but
she fell again. “ ah just sit i will bring the food ”
daniella said almost laughing. After eating the
food Daniella ask janelle some questions but
when she didn’t reply her. Daniella named her
Elle not knowing its actually part of janelle’s
name. “ mom I found a girl on the seashore she
seems to have lost her memory, she refuse to
talk or even tell me her name ” Daniela said.

“ hey oh my Ella is so kind, she will soon talk”
Arie replied. “ she wont even talk to me?” little
Aria said angrily. “ oh my god aria? My little
princess” daniella smiled after hearing her little
sister’s voice. “ dont princess me All your classmates are in their parent’s house
and you are nowhere to be found, I heard you
broke up with Daniel, what in the world
happened? I thought you said you can’t live
without him but I hope you are still breathing
( lol)” little Aria said but Arie snatch the phone
from her. “ excuse me daniella who is Daniel?”
Arie asked. But before Daniella can answer aria
talk again. “ her boyfriend her boyfriend you
don’t know? She is so in love with him, I hope
I’m not talking to a ghost because she said she
can’t live without him( lmao)” she said and
Daniella burst into uncontrollable laughter.

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