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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 9
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“ seriously Aria you won’t kill me with your
jokes” daniella laughs. Janelle is busy
checking out her legs she manage to stand
up and she walk very slowly to daniella. She
carry the food and she devour it like she is
under a spell. “ be careful Elle ” Daniella
caution her. “ oh you even named her” Arie
said. “yes I named her” Daniella replied.
( a knock)
Janelle stood up to get it, immediately she
opened the door she fell into David’s hand.

After starring at each other for what seems
like forever Janelle finally speak. “ he is so
beautiful ” Janelle said absent minded. “

what? Oh gosh I’m sorry I thought it was
Ella ” David try to explain but janelle smile.

“ you are beautiful ” Janelle said again and
this made David uneasy. “ you use
handsome for a guy not beautiful ” David
scratch his head. “ no I mean you are
beautiful ” she said again but David just
enter the house. “ hi Ella ” he smiled. “ Dave?

Oh how did you know my address? ”

daniella asked. “ never mind ” David replied.
“ who is she?” David asked referring to
janelle. “ oh you mean Elle? She is a friend ”
Daniella replied. “ but she is some kind of
strange, she said I’m beautiful imagine?”
David frown.

“ I guess she like you because she hardly
talk to me talking to you means something
else, she like you dave” daniella said jokingly.

“ how can you say she like me when the one
I love is you?” David said and Daniella’s

mood changed.

“ oh really but I don’t want to break your
heart I told you I love another person, let’s
just be friends, its cool having you around ”
daniella laughs.
“ I heard you will resume next week?” David
try to cover the previous discussion.

“ yes finally on my way to become a
professsional swimmer, cool right?” daniella
smile again.

“ yes cool, human mermaid ” David said
jokingly and Daniella laughs.

“ does it mean she is also a mermaid like
me? No absolutely not Janelle you are too
dumb, but she is the one whose tears turn
to pearls the other night I still remember
her” Janelle thought.

“im going for shopping with Janelle she
need some clothes can we go together?”
Daniella asked.

“ sure” David replied.

“ but what is a shopping? I’ve never heard
that word before” janelle asked curiously.

“ its because you lost your memory Elle, just
buying some clothes for you ” daniella

“ but this clothes are okay” janelle said.

“ we need to buy more, you can’t keep
wearing my clothed forever” Daniella smile

“ humans are weird” janele hisses.

____Under the sea____

The crown princess competition is going on
between Adriana and Andrea , they were to
summon other pearls aside from their own
but none of them were able to. The second
challenge is to touch the crystal embedded
with royal pearls and Summon it but none of
them pass the challenge also.

“ my queen I think you should involve
princess Amelia also” Shelia one of the most
powerful mermaids after the queen and
Adriana suggest

“ no she is a seer, I think we should base
the third challenge on their powers” the
queen replied. Just then Amelia’s body starts
to shake which signifies another prophecy.

“ for there is another princess, the strongest
of all and the human born mermaid,
together they will defeat the power hungry
monster once and for all” Amelia said and
her eyes shone red just like her tails.

“ who is the other princess and the human
born mermaid?” Shelia asked.

“ the princess’s face is covered but I can see
the human born mermaid , its no other than
janelle princess janelle” Amelia replied still in
the same spot.

Murmurs can be heard among the little

“ janelle? human born mermaid? How is that
possible? ” the queen asked furiously.

“ that I don’t know ” Amelia replied and she
became normal.

“ that’s nonsense, who is the power hungry
monster? What’s all this rubbish you are
saying? lia” Andrea said furiously.

“ Rubbish anyhow you call it, I’m saying
what I saw. You know what ? Ana is right,
you are too dumb” Amelia replied fixing
some pearls in her hair. Andrea drag her
angrily and send her crashing on a rock.

Angry about what is happening, Adriana’s
pearl start moulding together and she fired
the giant pearl at andrea which send her
crashing against a tall rock which look like

“ I swear on the three ancestors of maidrian
sea I will destroy you” Andrea yelled and her
eyes shone green like her tail. She summon
all her pearls at once and she fire it at
Adriana but the latter made a shield of pearl
and water which send the pearle back to
Andrea and she fell again. Andrea try to
summon the pearls but her mind fail her.

Adriana’s eyes shone red very bright that
Andrea green eyes turn to black again.

“ no doubt Adriana is the strongest, she
won this challenge” shelia said

____ Daniella’s house_____

“ janelle are you done?” daniella asked not
noticing her hair colour is turning to red
again but still the same length.

“ Daniela what on earth happened to you?
Your hair” janelle said

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