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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 126
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“Not a clue,”
I whisper back, breathing in his musky vanilla scent, “You?”

“Not really.”

“Great guns,”
I roll my eyes, “We’re supposed to be acting sophisticated and neither of us can even dance.”

Alec smirks down at me a little bit, amused by the situation, which is mildly irritating.

Ugh, can he not take anything seriously? Slowly he begins to bring us into a basic box waltz, about the limit for me in the dancing
area. I raise my eyebrows at him in question as we bob from side to side, before he raises my arm above my head, pushing me lightly into a spin under his bicep.

“I can dance a little bit.”
He grins, and I shove him lightly on the shoulder in reply, rolling my eyes.

“That dance move is old, Ryder. I did that with boys at elementary.”

“But it wins you over anyway, doesn’t it?”


Pain swells in my foot and I wince, breathing in sharply.

“Alec Ryder did you just stand on my foot? Because that certainly doesn’t win me over.”

“Er- well, yeah,”
Alec glances away awkwardly, his cheeks tinging ever so slightly pink as my pain contorted face morphs into a delighted expression.

Oh, wow, Mr smooth just stood on my foot. And he says he can dance. No way am I ever forgetting this.It’s worth the
pain of a six foot boy standing on my toe.

I chuckle, “Look at you, Mr Bad Boy player.

Stepping on a girl’s foot when they dance.”

Alec opens his mouth to protest, but is swiftly interrupted by a woman beside us.

“What a cute couple you two are,”
One of the female founders smiles, arm in arm with the bearded man from
earlier. Her hair is a pearly blonde, and her slightly aged face indicates that she can’t be much over 40, yet she’s
still smiling joyously at a pair of flirting teenagers.

I blush in Alec’s arms, ducking my head into his chest so that he can’t see my reaction. Alec just chuckles at my bashfulness, and thanks the woman as we continue to
bob awkwardly to music we don’t even know.

“I knew I had an effect on you k---y.”
I can hear the smile in his voice.

“Oh shut up. I blush easily, you know that.” I dare to look up and meet his eyes, shooting him an icy calm look.

He grins back at me, the pace of our dance changing to meet the ever so slightly faster music that’s just come on.

He spins me again, but only halfway this time, wrapping his arms around my waist so that my back is to his chest and his head rests on my shoulder intimately, as we bob
awkwardly to the music. “What are you doing, Alec?” I ask him suspiciously, and he blows lightly in my ear in
reply. Being annoyingly ticklish, I let out a small squeak and squirm away from him, spinning the rest of the way
so that I face him and his smug little face again.

What a douche he is.

I match his smirk with a smile of my own, before firmly stepping on his foot and watching him wince, smirk
dropping. “I need to go to the restroom,” I smile sweetly,

“Don’t miss me too much.”

After asking for directions twice, I finally make it to the restrooms and I’m not surprised to see that it’s of a
similar posh décor to the rest of the country club.

There’s a large window to the side showing a view onto the activity fields, and the sky is dark now.

The whole counter for the sinks is made of polished marble, and instead of having taps like a normal country club- they have mini waterfall things that look really cool.

Maybe I should ask mom if we can have those at home.

I stare at my flushed face in the mirror, before fishing my phone
from my pocket.

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