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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 100
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My head spins. Do I like Alec Ryder? I wouldn’t know- it’s been years since I’ve last liked a boy, and that didn’t exactly turn out well. What are the symptoms of having
a crush? Does my heart beat faster when he’s talking to me? Kind of- it’s more like a buzz of happiness though.

Does he give me tingles when I touch him? I think back to when we were holding hands. Yes. Do I think about him a lot? Well…yes. Do I like Alec Ryder? “Yes,” I breathe
out, my face creased into a frown.

My head snaps up and I look Violet in the eye. “I do, don’t I? I like Alec

“Indeed you do,”
Violet cracks a smile, settling back into the cushions and reaching for the popcorn. I groan, slapping a hand to my head and cursing a little under my
breath. This was not a part of the plan.

I was supposed to be friends with him, not have a crush on him! I knew the dangers of falling for a playboy, and I’ve always felt
sympathetic for the girls that fall to their feet. Now I’ve become one of them. I’m no longer unique, no longer different. I’m just another one of his fan girls. I cringe at
that thought. Nope, definitely not a fan girl. At least I have that to rely on: I will never be one of his fan girls.

But is that why Alec’s been treating me differently? Am I just another play thing for him?
Have I come to my expiry date?

“Oh shoot,” I mumble, cringing into the couch, “I’m so
stupid. I like him.”

“It’s okay,”
Violet soothes me, “People get crushes: it’s natural. You’re just distressing because you don’t know how any of this works anymore. The last time you had a crush; it was on your childhood sweetheart.” That’s true.

I nod and reach for more popcorn, sinking further into the cushions. He can’t like me back. I’m definitely not his
type. His type is tanned, leggy blondes- he’s told me enough times for me to remember. Guess I’ll just have to sU-Ck it up and get over it.

“What about Dylan?” Violet asks me, changing the subject to try and distract me.

I don’t think that’s going to
work- it’ll be all I ever think about now.

“Well he at least acknowledges me, so that’s a start.

I just hope the awkwardness doesn’t last for much longer.

I don’t know how to act around him anymore,”
I explain,
shoving popcorn in my mouth. “What about you? How’s library boy?”

Violet blushes, “He’s really good thank you.” I give her a look, gesturing for her to spill, and a lovesick
grin spreads across her face. I’ve never seen Violet have a crush before- this is so strange. “He’s really sweet
She groans, “But you know me. I don’t really do long relationships. This is like throwing a tiny, tiny fish into a huge pond. I don’t know what I’m doing; I’m just
kind of going with the flow, hoping something good comes out of it.”

“Wait, what? You two are dating?!”

“Yeah, he asked me out today,”
She smiles shyly, “I was planning on calling you earlier, but I figured I could just
tell you here instead.”
A grin spreads over my face, and I leap over the cushions and blankets to tackle her into a hug. “That’s amazing Violet! I’m so happy for you!” The popcorn bowl rolls to the side of the couch, before landing loudly on the floor.

Popcorn scatters everywhere,
but luckily the bowl doesn’t break.

Violet beams back at me.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this buzzed before;
she must really like this guy.

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