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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 103
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“So Riley was texting me the other night,”
Joe states, shooting me a sharp look. “She said you haven’t even
acknowledged her presence all week. What’s up with that brah? I thought you guys were friends.”
I shift uncomfortably at Joe’s statement, my hands gripping the
handles of the foosball players so tightly that the knuckles turn white.

I don’t meet his eye, of course. You need to
stop ignoring her. You’re going to lose her altogether if you do. I stare furiously down at the foosball game as I try to concentrate, watching as Dylan makes his shot, but
my mind is focused elsewhere.

Dylan kissed her. Dylan kissed Riley.

My brain needs to learn when to shut up.

I need to relax, to get her out of my mind for a bit because truthfully, she hasn’t strayed far from it at any time this week. I can’t get that damned kiss out of my head. It’s freaking haunting me. Do you think she likes
Dylan? I glance up at him, assessing the angel blonde haired boy.

At least I haven’t heard that they’re dating or anything.

Maybe she doesn’t like him back? Nothing’s
come from the kiss. Well…not that I know of.

I still don’t feel comfortable talking to her though. Surely it’s best if I
stay away from her. It would help me get over her, right? It’s not like I have a chance anyway: she thinks I’m annoying douche. Don’t blame her to be perfectly honest.

Although I am an incredibly sexy annoying douche.

That should boost me up some points.

Chase claps me on the back, frowning, “You just missed the prime opportunity to score. What’s on your
I sigh, relaxing the tense muscles in my back that are taut with stress. Why can’t I get her out of my head?

Because you like her dumbass, is that an obvious question? I grumble under my breath, stepping away from the foosball table to collapse on the couch. Joe looks
up at me from his phone, frowning as he sees my disgruntled face.

Oh aren’t the boys just full of concern today? The day I just want everyone to p***off with their questions: I’m torturing myself enough as it is. I need a distraction.

“Come on dude, since when do we keep secrets?” Chase crosses his arms on his chest, glaring at me. “You’re
acting like you’ve committed a freaking crime. Jeez, just tell us already. We’re your best mates, and you’ve been a
PMSing preteen all week.”
Joe nods from the opposite couch, supporting him. I’m not going to win this, am I? I
swear a guy can never have his secrets anymore.

“I like her, alright?”
I growl, shooting Dylan a piercing glare, “I like Riley Greene.” I’m not going to keep anything
from my bros: we’re like one big f*cked up family.

Unexpectedly though, after a second for the information to sink in, Chase cheers loudly and beats his chest. “Joe- you owe me fifty big ones. Hand it over man.” What? I
look on confusedlyas Joe curses, shooting me a glance before he fishes in his back pocket for his wallet.

Meanwhile, Dylan does the same. What the frick. I watch the scene, outraged as it all sinks in.

“You guys gambled on me?!”

“I prefer to think of it as a potential investment,”
Joe winks, “Which I just happened to lose. The other week we were betting on how long you would take to realise
you had a crush on her. Chase said two weeks. I said a month. Dylan said longer.”
I want to frigging castrate these guys.

They knew I liked Riley and they never told
me? What happened to the bro-code? I’d like to ask Dylan that very same question, actually. “Wait,” I mutter, looking up at Dylan, “So you kissed Riley, even though
you knew I liked her? What the hell, man?”

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