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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 106
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“Oh sure,”
I wink, “Just for your mom. Well I must say,
it’s not a common occurrence that I get asked out on a date by a girl.

Usually they’re desperate enough to skip
that part just for the s-x. But if you’re willing to go that extra mile just for me, I’m not going to refuse…”

“Shut up,”
She defends, leaning over to swat me on the chest, “You owe me, Alec Ryder. All we have to do is try
not to rip each other’s throats out for one night, okay?

Just for my mom.”

I roll my eyes dramatically, “Your mom loves me: no wonder she asked you to take me out. She probably just wanted to drool over me all night. I guess I’ll have to go.”

“That’s my mom you’re talking about,”
Riley wrinkles her nose, disgusted, “Ew.”

“It is. Try not to get too jealous though. I can assure you that cougars aren’t my type,”
I wink at her, “The younger
models are more my kind of thing.”
My god, I’m flirting with her. Jeez, what the hell am I doing? She already thinks I’m a pervert, now she’s going to think I’m a creep
too. Way to make an impression, Alec.

Before she can comment on me hitting on her, I hastily reach into my pocket for the paper bag, chucking it at her.

Oh look at that, guess I’m giving her the bracelet now.

Well here goes nothing.

“This was something I bought at the beach,”
I grimace,

“It’s kind of an apology gift now though.”

Riley’s mouth pops open softly, and she looks down at the small paper bag in her hands. “Is it a stink bomb? Poison?

Are you trying to kill me?”
She looks up at me, squinting suspiciously. Trust her to think that I’m trying to kill her.

“None of the above. Just open it Riley.”
Cautiously, she opens up the bag and the bracelet slides onto her palm.

My chest constricts as I watch her
reaction. I shouldn’t have given it to her. She’s going to think I’m a creep.

Her jaw lapses as she registers what
the gift is, and she looks up at me with wide and happy eyes. “Thank you- it’s beautiful!” A breath I didn’t even
realise I was holding is released. She likes it. She doesn’t think I’m a creep.

She unclasps the bracelet and slides it
onto her wrist, attempting to do it up one handed.

“Let me do it,” I roll my eyes, “Little miss impatient.” I take her wrist in my hands and with fumbly fingers, do
up the clasp over her porcelain skin.
I’m acting like it’s a
bloody ring. It’s no big deal: it’s a six dollar bracelet that I brought from a surf shack.

I need to stop acting like I’m
living in a romance story.

Grow a pair and man up,

“Oh shush little Mr Sensitive,”
Riley jokes, “Aren’t I a lucky girl? I expect another week of you ignoring me, but instead I get an apology and a cute bracelet.

What’s happening to you Ryder? Since when did you become such a sappy thing?”
Her voice is light and teasing, and I know that she’s forgiven me, which is kind of a relief.

Plus at the moment, she’s not growling at me like she wants to rip my head off.

I should buy her stuff more often.

She has a point though.

The old Alec Ryder would never
do something like this. She’s changing me. Whether it’s for the better or the worse, I don’t know. “Shut up
I roll my eyes, “I’ve still got your bra, I hope you realise.”

Yep. Still got her bra, and already planning my next prank.

Oh this should be fun.



“Are you freaking kidding me?”
I stare blankly at the couple making out on Violet and I’s table as I head towards it, my lunch clutched firmly in my hand so that I
don’t drop my precious food.

We decided not to go to the library today, for a change, and this is what I find waiting for me?! Violet breaks off with geek guy as she
registers my voice.

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