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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 110
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“I need to tell you the whole story.”

Alec knows what I mean instantly, and
his eyes widen at my nervously
intertwined fingers. Cautiously, he
comes up to his window and clambers
out into the night, whilst I lean back to
sit on the bed. I can’t believe I’m doing
this. Imagine what he’ll think. I take a
dry gulp as Alec finally manages to
clamber through my window, and he
approaches me slowly as though he’s
afraid I’ll snap at him or start crying or
something. I am so unpredictable to
him. “It’s okay,” I reassure him, “You can sit down if you want.” Alec says nothing as he takes a seat, and I can’t
deny that I’m surprised that he knew
that I didn’t want him to say anything.

At least he’s being sensitive about this.

He probably knows it’s a big deal to

“A short year after I was born,”
I clear
my throat, “My mum got pregnant
with a baby girl.”

Shut up. Tell him to get out. Do you
really want to tell him this?

“She was gorgeous and healthy, with
ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes, and
my parents completely adored her.
They named her Kaitlin.”
I let out a
breath. There’s no going back now.

It’s out in the open. I knit my fingers
together before continuing into the
story, sitting on my hands to stop
them from shaking. “Kaitlin and I grew
up as two quite different healthy
children. Both quite small and slight,
only I had auburn ringlets inherited

from mom and she had my father’s
mousy brown locks. We both had
bright blue eyes, which is why people
said that we looked alike, despite our
hair colours.”

“The third child was Jack. He was born
when I was eight, and Kaitlin was
seven. I’d like to say that we were the
three closest siblings that the world
had ever seen, but unfortunately that
wasn’t the case. All siblings fight, and
our case was no different. Kaitlin and I
both had asthma, and Jack had a nut
allergy, but other than that we were all
completely healthy. Seemingly perfect
I close my eyes in preparation
for the next part. I don’t think I can do
this. “Four years after Jack was born,
my sister got lung cancer. She was
eleven at the time.”

I hear Alec’s sharp intake of breath,
and it’s enough to bring tears to my
eyes with the memories that flood
over me, but I sU-Ck it back in. I don’t
want to break down. Be strong, Riley.

Be strong for her. “We didn’t know
when it first began- because most
cases don’t really experience many
symptoms at the beginning. Besides,
she had asthma anyway which made
it hard to tell a difference.

We were alerted to it when Kaitlin got a cough…
it lasted for weeks on end. She was
constantly breathless and we took her
to the Doctor, who said that she
simply had a mild chest infection.

He gave us some tablets for her, and
shrugged her off. He was wrong.”

“In the third week, my mom took
Kaitlin to the hospital. They examined
her and I think when they heard that
the prescribed tablets hadn’t been
working, they realised that something
worse was wrong with Kaitlin.

They ran some scans, and the doctor came
back in with a grave expression on his
face. I remember it like it was
yesterday. He told me that there was a
nurse outside handing out sweeties to
the kids in the ward, and for me to
bring Jack to go and get some. When I
came back in, my parents were
I swallow roughly, ignoring
Alec’s eyes on my face. Be strong.

“They said that the tumour was small…

it had only been there a month, which
made it easier for us to combat it
because it was young. Kaitlin simply
smiled sadly when she heard the
news…it was like she already
expecting it. And for a twelve year old
girl who thought she was going to
lose her sister; that only made me cry

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