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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 111
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I let loose a breath I didn’t even realise
I was holding, clenching my fingers
together for support.

“Kaitlin responded to the treatment
for remarkably well. The medication
she took meant that she was weak,
but able to do a lot of things. She still
had all her hair, and she was happy.

The only thing that ever reminded me
that she did in fact have cancer was
when she’d cough up blood…Mom
would say the same thing every time.
‘Riley, be a good girl and go and play
with Jack. Mommy’s having a talk with
Kaitlin’. Of course, I knew that it wasn’t
just a talk and I think Jack did too. We
heard the sounds, and the soothing
words but we carried on playing
together anyway. We were terrified of
the truth…that sometimes despite
how well she looked, she was
deceptively ill.”

I swallow my dry saliva, assessing my
dry cheeks. I can do this. C’mon Riley,
just a little bit further.

“Every few weeks, sometimes more,
Kaitlin would miss a day of school to
go for a check-up at the hospital so
they could monitor the tumour and its
size. For a year, it stayed the roughly
the same. We thought she was going
to be okay, “I choke out the last word.

“Do you remember when I said Toby
was my childhood sweetheart? My
best friend?”

Alec nods.

“Well he wasn’t just mine. Toby, Kaitlin
and I…well we were inseparable, to
say the least. The three musketeers.

Cliché, I know, but true. Kaitlin and I,

we both had crushes on Toby. He was
seemingly perfect. Even when Kaitlin
was in hospital, we’d bring our games
and stuff and play them on her
hospital bed to cheer her up. In the
end though…he chose me. Kaitlin
didn’t mind that much, although she
might have been playing it off to hide
her true feelings. So it was Toby and I,
and her. But it never separated us.

He was stupid. He should’ve chosen her, I

One look at Alec’s fisted hands, and I
know he’s thinking of Toby and what
he did to me. I grab one of his hands
in my shaking one, squeezing on his
wrist for comfort. I need to tell
someone. I need to let this out.

Most of all, I need Alec to be there for me for
this next part.

“A few months before her fourteenth
birthday, she had to drop out of
school. Her condition had become
severe, with the tumour spreading to
her blood system and heart. We knew
she only had limited time left, and we
tried to spend it wisely with her. She
could’ve had chemotherapy, but we
couldn’t afford some of the extreme
treatment that she needed. Besides,
she didn’t want it- she insisted that
she was ready, and she was happy.

This was last year,”
I wring my hands,
my eyes crinkling in agony.

“She died a week after her fourteenth birthday, on the tenth of March. I was fifteen, and Jack was seven.”

Alec’s small intake of breath alerts me
back out of my daze, and I’m suddenly
aware of the water that’s spilled from
my eyes despite me trying to be
strong. It’s a raw wound. She died last
year. “Hey,” He murmurs, wrapping his arms around me to enclose me into a firm hug.

Telling him has opened up
some old wounds, and I let out a
strangled sob as I bury myself in his
arms. He smells like vanilla, and
cologne and it’s mouth-watering, but I
can’ concentrate on that right now.

What happened to being strong? I
guess that went out of the window,
but who can blame me really?

“You know the rest,”
I pull back,
wiping my eyes to rid myself of the
tears stinging my cheeks.

I daren’t look Alec in the eye, I’m so humiliated.

“Dad had already left just after Jack
was born, but he was notified.

He came to the funeral, and said his
goodbyes. His monthly visits weren’t
enough, and he knew that, I could see
it from the guilt in his eyes. The look of
shame…I’ll never forget it.”
I grit my
teeth as the image enters my head.

“I’m not going to say something
stupid like I didn’t cry, because that
would definitely not be true. I took the
hit hard, as did mom and Jack…and
Toby. So he cheated on me and got a
girl pregnant by the age of sixteen.

Then he moved away to Chicago nine
months ago, leaving me and my
shattered heart behind.”

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