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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 113
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As we enter the corridor where my
locker is, Alec suddenly stiffens beside
me and grabs my forearm in a deathly
tight grip. It takes me a few seconds
to realise why. Standing by my locker
is Toby Carlton, his radiant blond hair
shining above all others in the
corridor. Right next to him, talking
carelessly with him is Joe. Does that
mean Joe doesn’t know what Toby did
to me? Surely he wouldn’t be talking
so casually with Toby if he did.

I frown. “C’mon Riley. Let’s end this
once and for all,”
Alec growls under
his breath, tugging me forwards
towards my locker. Oh crap, oh crap- I
don’t want a confrontation. Please.
Judging by the anger radiating off Alec
in thick waves though, it’s pretty
obvious I’m going to get one.

“Excuse me,”
I say politely, dodging
between the two boys to reach my
locker. I’m acting calmly as I get my
books for the day, but in all honesty
my hands are shaking. Please don’t
confront him Alec. I wish Violet were
here, she’d have all three guys calmed
down and out of my way within the
minute. She’s just really good with

“Alec Ryder,”
Toby greets, “Nice to
meet the subject of all the rumours.”

What is he doing? Does he have a
death wish? Anybody who knows
anything about Alec knows that they
shouldn’t taunt him when he’s angry,
which he so obviously is.

“Toby Charlton,”
Alec replies, voice
laced with venom. “I’d say it was nice

to meet you too but that would be a
lie. So, just moved here from Chicago,
huh? Was it the escape you needed?”

Toby’s eyes flicker to mine, and I stare
defiantly back at him. Toby must have
realised that I told Alec, because of
flicker of anger crosses his features.

He has no right to be angry, though.
It was my choice to tell Alec what
happened. Toby doesn’t deserve a say
in what I get to tell my friends about
the incident.

Toby mutters lowly, “Please can I talk to you for a second? Alone?”

He sounds angry, but I’m not going to
react to it. I don’t care what he thinks.

“Sorry but I’m not interested Toby,”
say through gritted teeth, “Get away
from me.”

“Riley please. I try and I try to win you
back, and nothing’s good enough. I
can’t believe you told him!”
He grabs
my arm harshly and yanks me towards
him, making me stumble. What the hell
does he think he’s doing?! Before I’ve
even had time to blink, Alec rips his
hand back from my skin, and the two
boys step forward face to face to glare
each other in the eye. Oh crap, oh
crap, oh crap. This is not working out

“She said to get away from her,”
hisses. His eyes are stormy and deep
now, the angriest I’ve ever seen, and
the muscles prominent in his arms are
as taut as live wires. Toby is holding a
similar position. One wrong move, and
the whole mining field blows up.

“Guys, take a chill pill okay?”
grimaces, attempting to separate the
pair. Even with his muscles though, it
makes no difference to the two
conflicting jerk wads facing each
other off right now. Until now, Joe has
just been watching the scene
confusedly, but the testosterone and
violence thick in the air must have
alerted him to his senses. I step up
behind Joe, leaning over to pat Alec’s
arm. His gaze flickers to mine quickly
but he ignores my pleading
expression, focusing back on Toby
again. Jerk.

“I’m going to get her back again,”

Toby spits at Alec, “Just you wait and

“You don’t deserve her!”

And with that, Toby throws the first
punch. Almost immediately, a crowd
begin to form, chanting ‘fight’ at the
top of their lungs. Meanwhile, I watch
in horror as the fight digresses. Alec
dodges Toby’s punch easily, stepping
out of the way like he’s practiced it a
million times. “Is that all you can do?”
He teases cockily, raising his fists up in
a defensive position. Toby’s jaw sets
determinedly at the taunt, and he
dives for another punch but Alec
dodges once again. I can hear the
audible dreamy sigh of the girls in the
crowd right now, and to be honest, I
think I was one of them. Alec’s
protecting me.

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