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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 115
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Alec’s and Toby’s voices instantly begin to clamber over each other in the fight for Mr Boston’s attention, but I just
sigh, slapping both of them on the arm to shut them up.

Honestly? Do they think we’re going to be out of here quickly with both of them doing that?

“This is what happened, with no biased opinions,” I shoot a glare at both of the boys, before focusing on Mr Boston, crossing my legs in the seat calmly.

Let the girl take control. Mr Boston stares curiously back at me,
obviously eager to hear the backing story and find his victim for detention.

“As you probably know, Toby
recently moved here, and he happens to be an ex of mine,”
I begin. Toby stiffens beside me. “He threatened
me this morning, and grabbed my arm, hurting me.

Alec stepped in, and before I knew it both boys were in a face down.

Toby made the first punch, and if you consulted the security cameras then you’d see that I am in fact
telling the truth.”

“Thankyou, Miss Greene,”
Mr Boston nods, “I have no doubt that your story was an accurate representation.

Mr Charlton, may I please ask for the reason why you even thought about laying a hand on Miss Greene? I’m quite sure you had no intentions to hurt her.”

“In the politest way possible, Mr Boston, I’d prefer to withhold that information.”

“Right then,”
Mr Boston leans forward in his chair, “Then I will be forced to bring you in for two weeks’ worth of

after school detention for assault against two pupils, Mr Charlton. Miss Greene, you obviously had no real part in
this worth punishing so you may leave.

Mr Ryder, you will receive five lunchtime detentions for punching
another student, although I can’t bring you in for any more, seeing as it seems that it was in fact self-defence.”

He grumbles a little under his breath, sitting back and dismissing us with one hand.

“Thankyou sir,”
I nod respectfully, standing up from my seat, with Alec following suit. Besides me, Toby is shaking with rage, still sat down with his fists gripping
the arms of the chair. Uh oh.

“You don’t understand though!”
He protests, “Alec Ryder is interfering in places where he’s not allowed to interfere!
He punched me back!”
I roll my eyes at his outburst.

Seriously? What does he think he’s going to achieve by arguing, other than another detention?

“Cool story bro,”
Alec snarls, “Wanna hear mine? Once upon a time, nobody gave a fu-“

“Alec Ryder, please exit the office! I will deal with Toby,”

Mr Boston reassures him, “Now get to your lessons.” I nod and grab Alec’s arm firmly, tugging him out of the
office before he can get himself in even more trouble.

I march out of there quickly, hearing Alec chuckle behind me.

“Whoa sweetheart, easy there. I mean I know you’re eager to get me alone but calm down.”

“You wish Alec,”
I roll my eyes, letting go of his arm.

“I really do.”

“You’re such a jerk.”

“A sexy, charming, debonair jerk,”
He grins cockily, a shallow dimple showing in his cheek. The beanie, the dimple…it’s just too much. Too much. I glance to the
side, feeling a gaze on my face.

Tiana stands outside of the principal’s office, a cold and icy glare focused on me.
Well you know what? She can kiss my arse.

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