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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 116
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“Remember the sunscreen this time,”
I watch Alec from his kitchen doorway, grinning at my own smartass
statement. I’m practically a comedy genius, I know.

My beach bag is parked on the breakfast bar, and Alec shoots me a sarcastic thumbs up as he slides a couple of bottles into it.

At the moment, it’s stuffed full of coke cans and two towels, alongside my beach stuff. Alec and I decided to share the bag seeing as I had some extra room and he
didn’t have anything to put his stuff in.

“Hurry up slow coach, we’re supposed to be there by now,”
I roll my
eyes, stepping away from the kitchen doorframe to help him zip the overstuffed bag up. “Do you need some help
from Riley, diddums?”

“Who are you calling diddums?”
Alec drawls, “I’m a big
manly man. I don’t need no help.”
He flexes one of his arms and the muscles pulse tantalisingly. He’s irresistible
and he knows it, judging by the cocky smirk tugging at his chiselled lips.

Manly man? This is coming from a guy
who freaked out when Millie started crying, and couldn’t even fetch me a god d--n lollipop. Egotistical noob.

“Double negative!” I wink, “So you do need help.”

“Grammar freak,”
Alec mutters, rolling his eyes. He gives the zip a swift tug and shuts the swollen bag, lifting it over his shoulder and flexing again. Let’s be honest,
there’s a couple of towels in there so it’s not going to be heavy.

A legless ant could probably carry that bag- does he think I’m stupid? “Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

I nod, adjusting my bikini top under my summer dress as I follow him to the front door.

Mum stuffed me into a yellow dress today, and I’m wearing a blue strapless bikini underneath with my brown sandals.

Personally, I’m not that impressed, but
mom insisted that Alec would like it so I have to wear it.

I swear, ever since I told her that I liked him, she’s been dressing me up like a bloody Barbie in the hope that her
daughter will finally get another boyfriend. Well that’s not going to be happening anytime soon. It’s pretty obvious
that Alec doesn’t get crushes; he’s the world’s biggest playboy for Pete’s sake! Besides, even if he wasn’t a playboy, the chances that he’d like me are slim to none. I
tell mom this but she doesn’t believe me. Of course not- why would she ever believe her daughter? Her own flesh and blood? The idea is preposterous.

“You coming or what?”
Alec raises an eyebrow at me from where he holds the front door open, and I snap out of my thought stream to jump out of the front door into
the humid Oregon air.

It’s really warm today, and if you
hadn’t guessed by the bag and bikini, we’re going to the beach with all the others. I even managed to persuade Violet and geek guy to come along with us, so we’re all
meeting at the beach today.

Alec and I are taking his motorbike.

He locks the front door and swings his leg
over the seat, passing the helmet back to me. I look at it doubtfully for a second.

I always feel guilty for taking this,
because it puts Alec at risk. He needs to get another helmet.

As if sensing my dilemma, Alec sighs. “Just put the freaking helmet on, k---y. I’m not giving you a

I pout at him and pull the helmet over my head, sliding onto the seat behind him and wrapping my arms around
his waist.

Ever since I started liking him, this position has
suddenly got a lot more…intimate.

Judging by Alec’s slight stiffening as I tighten my grip, I’m not the only one
feeling it too. Uh oh. He passes the beach bag to me and I sling it over my shoulder as the engine rumbles beneath us. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this,” I laugh, “I want a motorbike!”

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