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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 118
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“Oh yes,”
Alec smirks, “Now that was a nice picture.

I had the modelling agencies all over me asking who you were when I posted that.”
I flip him off, glaring ahead to
avoid looking at his smug face.

He flipping well knows that picture is quite possibly the ugliest thing the world
has ever seen, infuriating mother trucker.

I watch curiously as the woman presses various settings on the
machine, and it begins to hum. She grabs a tall plastic cup and straw and places it under the machine. I’m really looking forward to this. She presses one button and the
creamy chocolate liquid begins to fill the cup, infuriatingly slow.

Meanwhile, I’m practically frothing at the sight.

Yep, my mouth is even frothier than imagining Alec in his swim shorts, after that day at the beach…

Not that I do that, obviously.

“That’ll be $6.50 please,”
The woman smiles, interrupting my thoughts by handing me the cup. I clutch it firmly in my grasp, breathing in the tantalising scents. Holy
macaroni, this smells good. Alec hands over the change to Rose (I read her name tag), glancing over at me where
I’m drooling all over the milkshake cup. Metaphorically, of course. “Thankyou,” She smiles, “You have a nice day

I offer her a bright smile back, “Thankyou! You too.”

I tighten my hold on the milkshake as we walk away from the café, watching my feet descend on the sand.

Did Alec buy that for me or him? Or is it to share? My cheeks tinge slightly pink at the thought, and Alec doesn’t fail to notice.

“Why are you blushing?” Alec immediately stops, an amused grin curving his lips as he pokes my rosy cheek.

“Are you having naughty thoughts Riley? Tell me!”
I shake my head, laughing at the mere suggestion.

Do I really look like that type? “I bet you’re having bad thoughts!”

“Get off, jerk wad,”
I laugh, batting his grabbing hands away as he tries to look me in the eye, “Nope. Not everyone has naughty thoughts Alec,” I wink, “That desperate that you have to think about things rather than
do them, are we? Have fun in your mind.”

“I can do them if you want me to sweetheart,”
He wriggles his eyebrows, “I know you want me, don’t
even try and deny it.”
Shut up Alec, before I start blushing again and confirm it.

“Your a-s must get jealous of all the s**t that comes out of your mouth,” I retort, putting the straw into my
mouth as I take a sip of the drink.

A small m0an escapes
my lips as I do, and I hear Alec snicker beside me. D--n, that is one amazing milkshake though. Gosh, why did
Alec only buy one of these? I could drink this constantly.

I take another gulp of pure heaven, flipping off Alec and his suggestive expression as I smile into the straw.

“You’re such an ice hole Ryder.”

“You come up with the funniest expressions,”
Alec grins,

“Grass hole and son of a biscuit are my favourites, personally.”
Wow, I can’t believe he remembers those.

Well, my words are pretty unforgettable if I do say so myself. “How long do you think before the rest of the
guys come?”

I shrug in reply to his question, slipping my flip flops off and holding them in one hand as we walk down the beach together towards the waves.

The cold water laps onto my toes like icy velvet, and my feet sink into the
damp sand.

I love the beach, it’s by far my favourite place to go.

I go here a lot in the summer with Violet, but also with my family.

It’s also a great place to think things through as well, and I’ve done my fair share of that in my time.

I don’t really know what it is about this place, it just calms me and I’m happier here.

Plus, there’s a load of cute shirtless guys. That too.

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