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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 119
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I take a long slurp from the milkshake, and Alec glances over at me with a pout, reaching out to grab the cup.

I step backward, dodging his clutching fingers. No way.

“Can I have some now? I bought it.”

“Not a chance,”
I grin wickedly at him, backing away,

“You bought this for me and I’m not sharing. Plus, my mouth has been all over it. I am not swapping saliva with
you, pretty boy.”
That sounded a lot worse than I intended.

“Aw is Riley scared of catching cooties from pretty boy?”

Alec teases, darting forward and instantly backing me up into the damp sand and away from the sea.

No way is he getting a hold of this. I dance lightly away from him, but
he continues to stride towards me with a mischievous spark in his eye. Like a predator stalking his prey.

I gulp down some more of the milkshake as I jog away from him, and he darts then. In less than a second, he catapults into me as he grabs the cup, pulling the straw
from my mouth to put it in between his own lips.

My jaw slacks, and my fists begin to pummel his chest.

Oh no he didn’t.

“Thief! That’s my milkshake- give it back!”
My eyes narrow onto Alec’s playful smirk, and I step closer
menacingly. “Don’t you dare get your herpes infested mouth on my straw Ryder!”

Alec’s mouth opens to protest, releasing the straw, and I take my opportunity wisely. With a small
squeak, I launch myself into him and grab the milkshake in my hold, feeling victorious that I managed to catch him by surprise. Unfortunately, being my clumsy self,

my foot wraps around his leg which causes him to lose his balance.

He slips out from in front of me, and because
my leg is attached to his, it’s inevitable that I go down with him. “Ah!” I squeak again as we both come crashing down, with me landing quite uncomfortably on top of
him. Of course.

Typical cliché. As soon as my mind registers the position, my cheeks flame red.

Our legs are still wrapped together from my clumsy pounce, and my
face is in line with his chin, making my eyes widen.

Don’t look him in the eye. Don’t Riley, don’t.

Unfortunately, I can’t help it. My eyes meet his, and this suddenly gets a lot more awkward.

I’m lying on top of Alec Ryder. I hope the ground swallows me whole. Right. Now.

Well, at least I won the milkshake back.

♜A L E C R Y D E R♜

She lies on top of me, and I can barely breathe. Her face,
flushed with embarrassment, is mere inches from mine.

Don’t do it Alec. A stray curl tickles her forehead, and her eyes are watching mine, wide with anticipation.

Is she purposefully teasing me?
The milkshake is still clutched
firmly in her hand, a trophy for her.

It’s silly that something can small can spark a moment like this, where
my heart is racing so fast that I worry she can hear it.

My own cheeks tinge pink as my throat dries out into the texture of sandpaper. Don’t do it Alec. She won’t kiss you

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