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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 121
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“Why do I have to wear a tux?”

I glance up at Alec from the bundle of satin material that I have bunched in my hands, smirking a little at his disgruntled face. “Why? Don’t you like it?” He shakes his head and pulls a face in reply, making me laugh even though I completely disagree with his judgement.

Alec in a tux is just too much for me.

He looks annoyingly perfect: the suit hugs him in all the right places, emphasising his defined figure and his hair is styled into that effortless tousle he always seems to achieve.

Albeit, he might be uncomfortable, but he looks like a frigging angel.

That has to be some consolation, right?
Not that I’d ever tell him that, I think he knows it well enough himself anyway.

What happened to the girl
looking the most beautiful on a night out? Whatever I wear next to Alec tonight, I’ll look like some kind of scarecrow.

Is it even worth trying?

Luckily, after our almost kiss, things between Alec and I went back to normal pretty quickly. He approached me after the math exam and we just started talking like normal.

I think I did okay, but there were some parts
where I just could not concentrate because of that stupid almost-kiss. Why did he have to choose that day to mess up my thoughts? Honestly. So insensitive.

Although we’ve both been kind of avoiding the topic of the beach, at least we’re still talking and not acting awkwardly.

No matter how disappointed I am that he
didn’t kiss me, I’d prefer to keep our friendship rather than throw it all away in the hope of love. Besides, Alec

doesn’t do love.

He probably thinks that almost kiss was a mistake, thus why he hasn’t tried to do it again.

It stings a little bit sure, but I’ve known that he doesn’t like me since the beginning so it’s no surprise to be honest.

I’ll just have to sU-Ck it up and deal.

“Right, I need to get changed,”
I stand up from my seat on the bed, clutching my dress and heels in my hand.

Mom bought them for me, for this big night, and I’ve been ordered to wear them with no objections.

They’re both really pretty, but I’m not sure I can pull them off.

Mom seems to think I’m a lot prettier than I actually am: her vision is rose-tinted, no doubt.

Alec shrugs nonchalantly, but there’s a wicked glint prominent in his eye. He knows perfectly well that I
want him out. I’m not changing in front of him.

“Get out of my room Alec.”

“You’re no fun,”
He whines, heading towards the door of my bedroom to the landing, no doubt to play with Jack.

He and Jack seem to have hit it off: they both have a mutual interest of annoying the crap out of me, so now they’re playing double trouble. Yay. Jack idolises Alec
already- you can see the admiration shining in his eyes, clear as day.

He’s picked a bad role model. I just hope to
god that we don’t see Jack riding motorbikes and picking
up girls in a few years’ time.

I shudder violently at the
thought. I vow as his beloved sister never to let him get that far. Scouts honour.

The door slams shut behind Alec, and I immediately begin to slide off my clothes in the wake for new ones.

The dress is a rose gold colour, strapless, with a bow around the centre and comes to around mid-thigh- elegant, slimming and everything I’m not basically.

The shoes are no better: I don’t know how I’m going to dance wearing these things- the heel is bound to snap off in less
than an hour.

This outfit limits my fun dramatically. I slide
on the dress, shifting the heavy satin around me to a comfortable position and crossing my arms as I look into the mirror in front of me. So I do look good in it, even I have to admit. It makes my legs look longer, and my
waist look positively tiny, so that’s good. Still have the issue of pulling it up every ten seconds though, but I guess that’s the price you have to pay with a strapless

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