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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 123
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I am such a smooth criminal.

“Well if you guys are ready then I guess we can leave now,”
Mom nods, picking up her clutch from the side table.

On last thoughts, I grab my phone and ear buds too.

Might need them, if it’s really boring. “We’re taking my car. No food in the backseats, kids.” We all file out
into mom’s car, a swish car that I don’t know how to pronounce, with cream leather seats and headlights that look like cat eyes. Alec and I sit in the back with Jack in
between us, and Marie takes shotgun.

As soon as we begin to drive, One Direction begin to blast through the speakers and Alec and I groan in synchronisation. “Really mom? I mean, I have nothing against One Direction, but do you really think it’s
appropriate right now?”
As you probably suspected, my mom is a directioner.
Personally, I think One Direction are
alright, it’s just that I prefer other genres of music.

It’s a good job I remembered to bring my phone, or I would have been dying silently at the sounds of mom’s karaoke.

In a silent agreement, I hand an earphone to Alec and he nods gratefully at me.

He’s just lucky that we have the
same taste in music, I guess, because otherwise he’d be crying for mercy by now. I select Fall Out Boy from my playlist, and the rocky beat begins to thump through my
ear immediately, effectively drowning out One Direction.

Alec nods along to the music, and even I’m toe tapping.

What a pair we are.


When we finally arrive at the Country club, I’m more than a little impressed.

The meeting is held at a vintage
looking building, with huge decorated side columns and arches, surrounded by fields. Frankly, I didn’t even realise
we had a mansion like this in a hundred mile radius of Lindale. “Whoa,” I breathe out, “This is amazing.” We’re
stood at the entrance- a pair of glass double doors that lead straight onto a balcony.

The balcony wraps around
the interior of the building, framed with a gold vine fence.

A sweeping staircase leads down to the dance floor and a fancy café with a bar, which is currently brimming with

The whole room is polished marble, lush carpet and gold detailing- absolutely stunning. It makes me feel like a mere peasant in the middle of a castle- way out of
my depth.

“Right, so this is how it’s going to work,” Mum drags Alec and me to the side, “We’re going to go down, grab
a few drinks and settle at a table.

When we see the founders, you’ll greet them with a kiss on the cheek, and
smile and be polite.

Do whatever you have to do in order to please them, which includes dancing and fetching them drinks blah blah blah.

Then, after about an hour of that, we adults will head to a separate room for the
presentation, and you kids can just do whatever you want. Well, within limits of course.”
Okay, okay.

This doesn’t sound too different to the normal routine for mom’s work dinners.

I can do this.

“Okay, what did you say is happening to Jack?” I ask, curiously, sliding my phone into my bag.

It feels awkward to have my ear buds out in such a swish setting.

“He can choose to stay with you, but I strongly suspect he’ll head to the kids room with some of the other boys
and girls,”
Mom brushes some imaginary dust from my arms, “Now, I don’t want you two leaving each other’s
sights all night, unless you’re asked to by a founder okay?

Remember, you’re bringing each other as a ‘date’-“

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