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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 125
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Alec nods stiffly, “I do take an interest, yes M’aam.”

“Well that’s a shame,”
The man butts in, “We could have used with two bright eyed medical students in the surgery in a few years’ time. But I wish you all the luck in
the world with your aspirations, children.”
The last word has a slight twang to it, and I’m almost tempted to punch
him at his sarcasm on the word aspirations. But for the sake of my mother, I grit my teeth and stretch on a very fake smile.

Some of these Founders obviously have poles
rammed up their backside.

A woman greets from behind me, distracting me from the awkward conversation that Marie is trying to make. “Long time no see, sweetheart.”

“Hi Jen,”
I give her a small smile, turning around.

I want to attack her into a hug (She’s one of my mom’s favourite colleagues, who I grew up with) but unfortunately I can’t for three reasons.

Reason one is that I can sense the founders’ gaze on the situation acutely,
and I need to act mature and ladylike. Attacking Jen wouldn’t be ‘appropriate’ to the situation.

The second reason is that I’m still holding hands with Alec, and the third reason would be her swollen stomach, stretching
her navy dress to the absolute limit. Jen is pregnant with her second husband’s baby, and so I don’t want to hurt

She must be around eight months into the course now, so not long to go until the big day. “When’s the due


“April 13th,”
She beams, “Finally my little kicker will be out of my stomach for good.” She pats her stomach
comfortingly, and my eyes are instantly drawn to it.

I love kids, and babies and everything cute- I’m so happy for her. “But who is this?” Jen asks me, gesturing to Alec.

“This is Alec Ryder, Jen. Alec, this is Jennifer Mitchells.”

Jen shakes Alec’s free hand, “It’s lovely to meet you.

I’m one of Riley’s mom’s friends.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.”
Alec smiles politely, “Do you know if baby is a girl or a boy?”

“She’s a gorgeous baby girl,”
Jen smiles, “Fingers crossed
for me, yeah? Anyway, I should go and speak with your mom, Riley. But before I leave, I must say that I approve of this boy, he’s a keeper.”
She winks at me, before
heading over to the group of adults.

She looks like she might fall over with the weight of her stomach, even if it
is only kitten heels she’s wearing. Silly lady. I roll my eyes fondly at her strange antics.

“Nice to see you Jen,”
I call after her, and she gives me a nifty little wave back to me.

“So do you want to dance?” Alec asks me, “That’s what everyone else seems to be doing. I’m sure your mom
will want us to dance too.”
I spin around to look and sure enough, the adults are pairing up and making their way
to the dance floor together.

I don’t recognise the song playing, but I nod to Alec anyway, a small smile making
its way onto my lips. No, no, no Riley.

Don’t go thinking this will be all romantic, because it probably won’t. I bet
he’ll step on your feet or something. I shake my head to clear my thoughts, letting Alec lead me to the dance floor.

“Can you dance?”
He whispers to me as we stop, and he puts a hand on my waist. The skin under my dress
tingles like it’s alive with electricity at his mere touch.

Maybe it’s a static shock? Please let it be a static shock.

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