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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 127
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She picks up after three rings. “Jim’s w---e house.

You got the dough, we got the hoe. What can I do for you?”
I can’t help but chuckle at Violet’s pick up.

She must have seen the caller ID, or she’d never have said that.

Imagine if it was her mom, and not me.
Even Violet doesn’t take those kind of risks.

“Hi Violet,”
I grin, “Nice line. I approve.”

“Good. I’m pretty proud of that one if I do say so myself,”
She replies cockily, “If you don’t mind me
asking, what are you calling for? Aren’t you supposed to be at that club event?”

“Yeah. I’m in the restroom at the moment.”

“So why are you not flirting your a-s off with that lovely slice of mancake?”


“Alec Ryder of course.”

“I just wanted some advice…how do you dance? And make it, y’know, look good?”
I frown at myself in the mirror, “Alec and I are having some trouble, you see.” I know Violet will have at least one tip on how we can dance effectively- she was forced to go to ballroom dancing classes for six months when she was little, with
her mother.

Okay, she was five, but she’s got to
remember something right? I hear a light laugh come from the other side of the line, and I scowl. “I’m serious,

“Okay, well stick to the basic box waltz, because it’s going to be a pain to teach you a routine. Then every now and
then, you step to the left, and he steps to the right, so your arms are stretched against each other’s body, okay?

That move looks good, but it’s really easy too.

You can add in a spin every now and then, and maybe even a dip? All Alec has to do for that is support the back of your
waist whilst you lean backwards. You don’t need to do anything too difficult for it to look decent. Try that sort of

I bite my lip, “Are you sure that we won’t make a fool out of ourselves? Some of the people here are dancing pretty professionally. We need to look mature.”

“Yes, chica, don’t worry. Now get your fine a-s back on that date, toute de suite.”

“Okay, I’m trusting you on this. Bye Violet.”
I grin and hang up the phone, barely pausing to hear her own
goodbye. I have to admit, I’m kind of eager to go back to Alec so that I can show him these new moves, and hopefully our attempt at ballroom will no longer look like
some kind of elephant rain dance.

I shove my phone back into my clutch and head back out of the restroom,
feeling a little more confident, only to see two little boys race past me. “Jack, where are you going?” I call after
them. Jack is currently running down the corridor with another boy in tow, who looks more than a little out of
puff frankly.

“We’re going to the kids room, Riley,” Jack reluctantly stops to shout back to me. He’s obviously very desperate
to get there, and I don’t blame the kid. Sitting in a chair with a load of adults can’t be fun, can it? I mean, I’m kind
of lucky I have Alec in that sense.

“Okay. Be careful,” I smile after him, watching him return the grin before
bolting back down the corridor again in excitement.

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