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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 131
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♜A L E C R Y D E R♜

Words couldn’t describe the feelings that overcame me when Dylan asked her the question.

It was like a flood, no an avalanche of emotion- pent up anger, acceptance and rejection that shot ice down my veins and took control of my body like I was some kind of a puppet.

Before I knew it, my hands slapped down
on the table with a satisfying smack, firing my palms into searing pain, but the pain felt kind of good.

Pain is weakness leaving the body, and I hate, hate that I have a weak spot.

You know why? Because my weak spot
happens to be a bubbly, gorgeous girl that my friend wants and that I’m never going to get. And he’s used my weak spot to his full advantage, go figure.

I’d love to be able to say that I can’t believe it, but the truth is that I’ve been expecting it for a long time.

Dylan gets a lot of things that he wants.

He has the perfect grades, the perfect house, the riches and the social status- all of these he has fought for with all of his existence, in order to achieve what he has today.

And in this case, he wants Riley Greene.

He kissed her, and she rejected him, but if anything that only increased
his burning need for her, I see it in his eyes every day.

So today it came out again- a desperate plea for her to be his, so that he can be even more perfect than he is now.

And I egged him on, I was daring him with my eyes to betray one of his best friends for a girl. Bros before hoes…well that doesn’t work out well for us now, because in that moment, that split second, I felt everything negative there ever was to feel towards Dylan.

Will I forgive him? Probably. Don’t ask me why, because even I don’t know.

I stalk out of the cafeteria with fire burning every square inch of my body.

I want to curse, to punch a wall, but
somehow all I can find it in me to do is pace, to let out my steam and calm down. Dylan fvcking Merrick.

I want to castrate him, to do everything remotely possible to hurt him back now.

He knew what he was about to do,
and he had the nerve to look ashamed. If he was really that ashamed, then he wouldn’t have done it. “Alec,” A familiar voice comes from behind me, and I spin around
to see her standing there. Her backpack is over her shoulders, and she’s wearing pale ripped skinny jeans, and she looks so god d--n flushed and perfect stood there that I can’t help but let myself calm down for a second, before my senses kick back in again.

Alec. She’s your weakness.

She’s your opening to pain.

What the fvck are you doing?!

I snap out of it like I’m in a trance, and my eyes glaze over again.

She is the reason that Dylan can hurt me.

She makes me laugh, and she’s cute and quirky and I want her so much, but it’s probably best that I don’t have her.

I’ll taint her, just like I’ve tainted everyone in my past, and she has the power to hurt me whenever she pleases.

Let Dylan have her, let Dylan have the perfect life that he fricking deserves.

Don’t get attached to her Alec, you’ll
just get your heart broken. “What is it?” I grunt exasperatedly.

Deep down, I know that it’s not her fault.

She’s done nothing wrong- she’s just being her. And the fact that that is enough to bring me down to my knees in pain and anger is quite possibly the most irritating thing
I’ve ever come across.

This is why Alec Ryder doesn’t do crushes.

Well… didn’t.

“I said no.”

I wasn’t expecting that. My eyes widen, and despite the anger I feel towards Dylan and the pain that he betrayed me, I feel a split second of hope in my chest. If she doesn’t like him, does she like me?

Alec stop it, you’re doing it again. You’re falling into the trap.

Pull yourself back out, because you don’t want to get too deep. You don’t want to be trapped.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts, breaking my eye contact because she’s messing with my thoughts.

She has an influence on me, whether I want to admit it or not, and I need to stop it right now. I need to stop whatever this is in the middle of its tracks, or I’m just going to be hurt and I can’t let that happen.

I miss the cold, insensitive Alec Ryder that I used to be.

I had fun, I caused pain but I never felt it. It was selfish, it was harsh but it was who I was.

Now she’s changing me, and while
I thought it was for the good originally, I find out now that it’s actually for the painful. “Whatever,” I shrug,
finally meeting her eyes again with a newfound
determination, “Why should I care?”
The hurt on her face is immediate.

Suddenly I’m regretting everything.
Everything I thought.

Because that was a jerk move, and she doesn’t deserve to feel pain at all, and I was the one who fricking delivered
it to her. “You’re right,” She swallows roughly, trying as best she can to mask her emotions on her face to no
avail, “Why should you care?” And with that she turns and walks back to the lunch table. I do care! I want to yell after her, but my throat sticks with the words and they
won’t escape my parted lips. I kick a locker angrily, bashing the door inwards.

I screw up everything in my fricking wake.

I’ll get in trouble for that, I know, but I
don’t give a s--t right now. Without even needing to ask the rest of the guys for help this time, I know what I need to do. I need to apologise, and calm the fvck down.

The latter might be a problem.
I just hope she forgives me.



“Riley, what’s the matter?”
Mom’s worried voice comes from the hallway as she watches me enter my bedroom
and drop my backpack to the floor.

I didn’t shout hello to her when I got back home, that’s why she paid attention
to me.

Mistake on my part. I don’t look over at her, but I know she’s staring.

I don’t know what she’s talking about, there’s nothing the matter.

I just feel kind of…

numb after earlier. I suppose that’s better than feeling pain though, which is what I felt initially.

I mean, I knew that Alec Ryder didn’t like me. I guess a part of me was still hoping though, still thinking ‘maybe, maybe he likes
me back’.

Needless to say, Alec Ryder demolished that
small hope in a second. It was painful at the beginning, but everything’s fine now.

Nothing is wrong. Nothing should be wrong.

“Riley, tell me.”
Mom appears in the doorway, with soft, comforting eyes watching me concernedly. “I know
something’s the matter baby. Tell me what’s wrong.”

She steps closer but I daren’t meet her eye, otherwise the numbness might break down again and have the hurt flood back in.

I like being numb; I don’t want to feel.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice that the window is open, and in a sudden burst of anger I pull it shut with a

Of course, he doesn’t know that he’s even hurt me probably. He was just telling the truth, being bluntly honest but completely right.

Why should he care? It’s not
like I mean anything to him in that way.

It’s a stupid, silly crush that he doesn’t return so I need to get over it. Alec
is in the opposite room, and his head snaps up at the noise, but I pull the curtain closed before he can see my face.

Yeah, I know I’m a coward, but I can’t stomach facing him yet. “Riley Maria Greene,” Mom’s voice comes
softly from behind me and her arms wrap around me, tugging me back into her, “Tell your mama what’s up.”

“Dylan asked me if I was free Saturday night,”
I sigh.

I’m not quite sure what to feel about that: whether to be flattered that he’s so insistently trying to get me to like
him back, or whether to feel irritated that he annoyed Alec and quite possibly ruined my relationship with both
boys. “Alec got angry and stalked away before I could refuse.

Then when I went after him and told him I said
no, he asked why he should care. He’s right, but it’s fine mom. I’ve gotten over it, I can deal.”

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