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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 132
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I wake up on the day of the waterpark trip with a huge smile on my face.

Okay, so that might be a slight lie.

I actually wake up with a snore and a grunt, slapping my hand off the alarm
clock like most grouchy teenagers.

It’s only when I realise
what day it is that I actually smile (which is about ten minutes later, in my sleep induced haze), but let’s overlook that minor detail and pretend I woke up grinning like the girls in the movies do. It adds to the

It’s been a long and tedious wait for this day to arrive, and it’s finally here. I get ready as quickly as I can, putting my hair into a rare fishtail braid and sliding on a pair of
pale denim shorts which I hardly ever wear. I’m more of a skinny jeans person, if you couldn’t already tell that
about me. I’m not one to make an effort for school usually, but today I guess I’m just feeling it.

I’ve been so buzzed about this day for ages that I can barely contain myself now: I might as well look nice for it. I’ve been
counting down the days, hours, heck even minutes until now, as have all of the other juniors. It’s not often something like this happens in our crappy school.

Mom was a little concerned when I first told her.

She was sat at the breakfast bar, frowning at the letter and I was so scared for a second that she wouldn’t let me go.

“What about the cost? It must cost a lot to hire out a waterpark for a day.

Besides, are they going to have
adequate safety regimes? How many teachers are coming with you?”
Luckily, I managed to persuade her that there’s a tonne of teachers going, safety is going to

be anything but loose, and I deserve the treat. Yep, emotional blackmail. She sent in the letter anyway, so I
guess it was mission successful.

And now? I’m higher than a bird on crack. I have my deposit, I have my bikini
and sunscreen (Yep, still taking safety precautions kids) and I am ready.

I can’t wait.

I think, if my life was a movie, right now would be the moment to have an annoyingly catchy musical number playing.

Colton Haynes would be playing male lead,

“What are you on dude, and where can I get it?”
Violet greets me, winking sassily as I pull up on the sidewalk next to her.

To be fair, I am grinning like a madwoman
so I can’t blame her for being freaked out by my abnormally good mood. How often is it that I’m actually smiling in the morning? I roll my eyes at her smartass remark, watching her stand up from her comfortable
seat on the road sign outside of her house, where she always waits for me in the morning when we carpool.

She looks different today. Instead of her usually spunky getup, she’s wearing black studded shorts and sunglasses, averting my eyes to her bare legs.

Don’t worry, I’m not being a pervert. I’m just shocked because Violet never bares her legs: Iguess she’s feeling summery
too. She grins at me as she slides into the passenger seat, buckling her seatbelt.

“To the waterpark we go!”

“Well we have to go to school first, you know, we need to get registered and stuff.”

She shoots me a blank look, “Just drive Riley.”

“Yes sir,”
I retort cheekily, watching as she leans over to turn a dial on my dashboard. Instantly the music on my crappy car stereo increases dramatically in volume,
making me wince at the hit on my eardrums. Ow, ow, ow. I’m going to have ringing ears later.

It must be on full volume now, and my car does not have one of those stereos that increase in sound quality the higher the
volume. Oh no, there’s a reason that I keep the music on the down low in my car.

“Your sound quality sU-Cks a-s,”
Violet wrinkles her nose, yelling above the music. As if we need more noise in this car.

I roll my eyes and push down on the handbrake,
pulling off the curb. I don’t want to be late on the one day of school worth going in for. “What’s with the volume?” I
yell back, “You’re going to make my ears bleed, jeez!”

“Oh grow a pair of lady balls, Greene! It’s part of the vibe.”

“I’ll show you part of the vibe,”
I mutter under my breath. Luckily she doesn’t notice, what with the music being loud enough to give Martians earache.

How are her ears not hurting?!

“Too much, too young, too fast!”
Violet belts out to the song, and I let out a small laugh at her pitch deaf tone.

I think the volume is affecting her a lot more than she’s actually letting on: can she even hear herself right now?

Ah screw it, what have you got to loose? And so, I begin (very badly) singing along with her, rolling the windows down in the hopes that it’ll decrease the deafening taking
place in the car.

Let’s share our gorgeous karaoke with the world. If you’ve got it, flaunt it- that’s what they say.

Yeah, I know it’s no convertible and amazing stereo like you see in the movies, but it’s close enough.

I’m happy with it, and from the grin on Violet’s face she is too.

Lesson in life, kids. Life isn’t like the movies, but you can sure as hell act like it is.

Wow, that sounds like a frigging quote or something.

When we arrive at school, we can spot the commotion in an instant and I turn down the music so quickly that my ears are still buzzing with the lyrics. Stood near the entrance is a swarm of excited juniors, waiting next to a
couple of giant coach buses. I can see around ten teachers struggling to contain the crowd, and Mr Boston is stood at the front with a list attempting to do registration I guess. “Quick, we better hurry up,”[/b] I mutter
to Violet, turning off the music completely and sliding my backpack over my shoulder. Violet nods, and we climb out of the car, doors slamming one by one behind us as
we jog over to the crowd. “Martin!” Violet yells, “Over

Martin greets us. Well, Violet. He leans over to kiss her cheek romantically. Ugh, couples and their sweetness. I’m so unloved. “We leave for the waterpark
in ten minutes.

You guys should go and register before you get on the coach.”

“We’ll do it in a bit,”
Violet dismisses, “First, how have
you been?”
She leans closer for a full kiss this time, and I avert my eyes awkwardly, spotting Joe up ahead of me.

Thank the heavens.

I greet, stepping into the space next to him, “Hi.

Where are the others?”

“Chase and Alec haven’t arrived yet, and Dylan’s flirting with Hannah Coombes,”
Joe rolls his eyes, “I’m sorry
about Dylan the other week, by the way, I hope you guys aren’t too uncomfortable now.”

uncomfortable would probably be an understatement.

“It’s fine,”
I lie, “Not too awkward. I see he’s gotten over it
pretty quickly anyway, so that’s good.”

“This should probably come as a relief to you, but Dylan didn’t like you much anyway,”
Joe murmurs quietly,

“He’s just insanely jealous of Alec, and he wanted to prove that he could have something that Alec couldn’t.”

Something that Alec couldn’t? Is he talking about me?

I frown, “You’re confusing me. What can’t Alec

Joe stares blankly at me for a second. I don’t understand, don’t hate on me for it jeez. “It doesn’t matter. Dylan’s
getting over you now anyway, so you shouldn’t have to
worry about that anymore. He’s got his eyes set on Hannah now.”
Hannah is a red haired girl in our year, and
I can definitely see Dylan going for her. She’s pretty and very smart, but a little bit uptight. Honestly, it’s like that
girl has a red hot poker up her a-s: she never has any fun, but she is kind of sweet.

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