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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 133
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“Oh my god Riley, I love your bikini. Where did you get it? A charity shop?”

Tiana smirks at me, and I scowl back at her. Since when is she so bluntly and obviously horrible to me? Usually
she’ll mock me, but it’ll be behind some sickly sweet smile so people think she’s being nice and that I’m the
horrible one.

I guess she’s fed up of that method now,
and she’s plain old bullying me. How lovely.
I open my mouth to retaliate, but Violet is already beating me to it.

“Wow, because we’ve never heard that one before,”

Violet rolls her eyes, “I bet your brain feels as good as new seeing as you never use it.” Oh how I love my best friend.

I turn to grin at Violet, sliding off my sandals and kicking them under the changing room bench. I think I’m ready now.

We arrived just under five minutes ago, and
I’m so glad that I wore my bikini under my outfit because everyone else is rushing to get changed so that they can go out into the park.

We saw some of the slides as we
drove in, and I think that ignited some kind of spark in the juniors.

Now everyone is racing each other to be the
one’s out first.

There’s a few small chuckles at Violet’s comeback, and Tiana flushes red in anger, turning away. Her bikini is pink
and no doubt has a beautifully expensive price tag, but I don’t really care about that seeing as it’s the skimpiest little
thing ever.

I mean seriously, what did she pay for that

thing? She sure doesn’t get a lot for her money.

I adjust my bikini top and smile at Violet to thank her silently for standing up for me. “Ready?” I ask her, and she nods.

Together we exit the changing rooms with our chins held high. Dignity intact. Check.

I squint a little bit as we emerge into the daylight.

Our local waterpark isn’t huge, but it’s definitely pretty awesome.

There’s the typical rides here: the curly slides,
the fast ones, the steep ones. Lazy rivers and Jacuzzis.

There’s nothing particularly special about this waterpark, I guess we’re just incredibly lucky to have it nearby though, that’s why I love it so much.

A lot of people from school come here on some weekends, because we have what I like to call the ‘local advantage’.

Basically meaning it’s pretty easy to find coupons and discount
codes in local stores, what with living nearby. I haven’t come here in quite a while, personally, but I have a huge
wad of coupons stashed at home. I should come here a bit more often.

I spot the first waterslide pretty quickly. “Let’s go on that
one first!”
I point it out. It was a pretty typical curly pale blue one: not too fast, not too slow.

The reason I pick it is because it hadn’t formed a queue, and I want to go on as
many as possible today whereas everyone else is heading towards the Super bowl or the black hole ride.

Already the pool is beginning to fill with juniors, and I thought we got out pretty early. Violet nods in confirmation, and we set off towards it, walking as fast as we can.

I’m not about to run, because on a wet floor by a swimming pool when you have my balance- disaster is

When we reach it, I clamber quickly up the stairs and sit down at the starting point, clasping onto the bar above
my head.

The cool water rushes around my legs and I
peer down into the dark waterslide happily. “You coming
with or are we riding separately?”
I ask Violet. In answer,
she sits down behind me and puts her legs around mine.

There’s nothing better than going down a waterslide in a pair.

I swing us off and we shoot down into the
blackness. I can’t see a thing, but I’m whooping and Violet’s screaming and it just reminds me of how much I
love waterslides, and how rarely I get to go on them.

I used to come here a lot as a kid with Kaitlin and Jack, actually. I feel a small pang, but I ignore it and cover it up
with a giant smile. I can see the end now, a small hole of sunlight with the water glinting white.

With one last scream, we splash straight into it, and I emerge from the pool gasping and giggling, hair stuck to my face.

D--n, I’m attractive (Hint the sarcasm).

Apparently someone else thinks exactly the same. “You look like a monster!” Alec’s voice shouts from the side of the pool, and I swoop my hair back away from my face
so that I can see again and shoot him a glare. He’s stood at the edge grinning at me, flanked by Joe and Chase.

They aren’t wet at all, so they obviously haven’t been down a waterslide.

Does that mean that they spent longer changing than me and Violet? Ha!

Well we defeated the ‘girls taking ages to get ready’ cliché.

I stick my tongue back out at him, climbing out of the pool. “Well at least I don’t look like a monster permanently, unlike some people.” Chase grins at this, and Joe claps Alec on the back smugly. I glance back
around at Violet, ignoring the stupid guys, “Do you want
to go on that one again or…?”

She grins, “I’d love to.”
“We’re coming too,”
Joe smirks, and I roll my eyes as
Alec flings an arm over my shoulder.

Instantly Joe begins leading us to the largest waterslide of the park, a tall red
one with a pile of inflatable dinghies stacked next to it.

It has a short queue, but nothing major so I follow on without question. We stroll towards it slowly, joking between ourselves, but my eyes just can’t seem to stay still.

They’re taking in the scenery, observing the juniors laughing and splashing, the girls lying on the loungers beside the pool, the teachers gathered up in sunhats watching them from the café. We deserve this.

This is our treat. Our break from all the hard work.

A grin curves my lips.

“Hey,” A girl’s voice interrupts my thoughts, and I’m suddenly brought to a stop by Alec, his arm tightening around my shoulders. I glance sideways to see a red
haired freckled girl looking up at Alec with an almost awed expression. “Hi, my friend wanted to know if you wanted her number… She said she’s free Saturday night,
if you wanted to organise somethi-“

“No thanks,”
Alec cuts her off, “Tell her I’m sorry, but I have plans.” The girls mouth drops open a little: she
obviously wasn’t expecting to be so hastily interrupted.

She nods mutely, before scurrying off back towards her friend, a puzzled expression on her face much alike to
mine. Alec turns to face me, ignoring my surprise at what he said to the girl, “Do you want a piggyback?”

Well, seeing as I’m a lazy a-s and I can’t be bothered to walk, hell yeah.

I grin. He bends down slightly in front of me and I jump onto his back, clutching around his shoulders.

His arms loop under my thighs and he shifts me up his back, huffing ever so slightly with effort. Well then. “You don’t
have to carry me you know,”
I say dubiously, “I get that
I’m a heffalump. Seriously dude, if you can’t do it-“

“Shut up.”


“So what was with the blunt rejection?” I ask him casually.

We’re nearing the stairs to the waterslide now, the others are ever so slightly in front of us. He sighs
lightly, tightening his grip on my legs to stop me from sliding down his back again.

I can’t help but be a little
distracted by the fact that I am in a bikini on a shirtless guys back, I mean, c’mon is that not every girl’s fantasy?

His skin is tan and his muscles are prominent, and I look like a tiny pale matchstick in comparison.

Do you think he uses fake tan? Maybe I can ask him for tips on how to get
skin like that, because dayum.

“I didn’t want to go on a date with her, is that such a bad thing?”

“Well, no.”
Because I would have castrated you if you’d have said yes.
Although obviously I don’t say that part,
because that would be beyond humiliating. I’m such a weirdo. “To the waterslide we go!” I yell, changing the
topic. He slides me off his back when we reach the foot of the stairs and my skin tingles enticingly, bringing a light blush to my cheeks. I avoid looking him in the eye,
and race up the steps after the others.

“You know, you’ve
changed a lot since when I first met you,”
I say to Alec.

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