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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 134
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“I didn’t want to go on a date with her, is that such a bad thing?”

“Well, no.”
Because I would have castrated you if you’d have said yes. Although obviously I don’t say that part,
because that would be beyond humiliating. I’m such a weirdo. “To the waterslide we go!” I yell, changing the

He slides me off his back when we reach the foot of the stairs and my skin tingles enticingly, bringing a light blush to my cheeks. I avoid looking him in the eye,
and race up the steps after the others.

“You know, you’ve
changed a lot since when I first met you,”
I say to Alec.

Alec grimaces ever so slightly, “Yeah.” He looks disappointed by that confirmation, and I frown at the sight, laying a comforting hand on his arm. It doesn’t
quite go to plan though, because Alec’s eyes shoot to mine instantly, wide and surprised. We’re caught in a stare off and we’re making skin contact.

“It’s not a bad thing you know,”
I say in a slightly strangled tone, caught like a rabbit in headlights at the situation.

After a second he smiles, and something in me
relaxes: allowing a breathless smile to escape onto my own lips. Okay, okay, so maybe it wasn’t awkward.

Maybe I’M just awkward. I look away and continue racing towards the top, hearing Alec’s huffs for breath from
behind me. I didn’t quite realise how fast I was going, I just wanted to be away from that intimate scene as quickly as possible to be honest.

“Riley, go underneath us!”
A voice yells at me as I reach the top.

I look to the side to see Violet watching me with
anticipation, but the voice wasn’t hers. It came from the waterslide, and sure enough, as I peer in I see Joe right near the entrance.

His back is arched against the top of
the waterslide, legs and arms stuck to the sides to stop him from sliding down himself. Chase is in similar position, just behind him. He wants us to go underneath them.

My eyes widen in realisation. Are they joking me?

No way am I small enough to fit under that lot without getting bruised black and blue. “Seriously?” I ask him,
mouth agape.

He wouldn’t be that stupid, right?

Behind me, Alec whoops before climbing into the waterslide himself. He edges ever so slowly underneath the boys, hands stuck to the wall to stop him from
sliding down.

Then, a little behind Chase, he turns around to face us again and copies their position. I’m supposed to go underneath three boys without getting in some way injured? Yeah like that’s going to happen. I can’t see
Chase and Alec’s faces, but I can tell their straining to hold on just by the tension in their limbs and the muscles bulging ever so slightly in effort. What a sight.

“No, no,”
I shake my head at Joe, “That isn’t going to

“C’mon Riley, Violet’s agreed to do it,”
Joe whines, “Hurry
up before we fall!”

“You what?”
I turn, shocked to face Violet, who gives me a helpless look in return. Where’s a best friend when you
need her to back you up, hm?! Well I wouldn’t know.

This is going to hurt. I let out a defeated sigh, and sit down at the beginning of the waterslide, peering ahead at
Joe in the darkness. “This is going to go badly.” Violet sits down behind me and pushes us off, and I cringe in anticipation.
At long last, we reach the end, and I’m catapulted into the water.

The weight off my body is gone, and my face numbs ever so slightly in the chilly water. Thank god.

I emerge with a gasp, pushing my hair back from my face. “Just so you all know, I knew this was a bad idea. I
totally called it.”

“My leg Riley!”
Chase groans, “You face planted it and made me fall, so I’m blaming you. What the hell is your
face made of?!”
He clutches his shins and brings it up to show me the red marks already forming. He must have fallen pretty d--n hard. Alec is clutching his head, and
Violet is groaning loudly.

What a sight we all are. And then, well then there’s Joe, who is looking at us
expectantly with wide and excited eyes. “Again?” He asks.

Needless to say, there’s less than a seconds’ hesitation before he’s engulfed by four giant splashes.

“Riley, can I speak to you?”

I grit my teeth in annoyance, spinning around on my heel with my tray held firmly in my hand. It’s currently time for lunch at the waterpark, and I don’t think I’ve ever
been hungrier. Who has to step in the way of me and my food at this precise moment in time? Toby, of course.

“No you may not, I’ve told you enough times,” I glare at him, “Don’t ruin a perfectly good day for me,
Toby, because I was having fun until now.”

“Jeez, that’s a bit harsh isn’t it? I just want to talk to you.”

My grip tightens dangerously on the tray, so hard that I’m slightly scared it will snap. Is he fricking serious?! “No
I snap, “What’s harsh is cheating on your girlfriend whose sister had just died, and getting another girl pregnant. Now please, get the hell away from me and
stay. It’s not going to happen, I can assure you that.”
He frowns, and his face is still a little messed up from the fist
fight a few weeks ago. I’m surprised that he’s even been allowed on this trip again- he was suspended, after all.

I wish he wasn’t allowed. Honestly, I really do.

“Riley, are you telling me that you don’t miss what we had? Are you honestly saying that if you follow your heart, you’ll choose Alec fvcking Ryder?! The player, the
heartbreaker? I thought you were smarter than that.”
His eyes are narrowed as thinly as mine now, and he steps closer to me, whether it’s for the proximity or for intimidating me I’m not quite sure. Either way, I don’t like
it. His hand grabs onto my forearm pressingly, but I rip out of his grip.

“But Toby,”
I step closer and glare up into his eyes,

“Which piece of my heart should I follow? I don’t trust my heart, and do you know why? Because it lead me to you.”
I shoot him a last piercing glare, before spinning on
my heel and strutting back to my table. Fire is running down my veins, and my hands are shaking.

It’s so surreal to think that this guy was once my best friend, and now he’s the furthest he can get away it.

I shake my head to try and clear my thoughts. I was having an awesome day until he showed up, and I’m not going to let him ruin the rest of it.

“What was that about?” Violet asks me as I sit down on the table.

Alec hasn’t arrived yet, luckily, or he might have blown a fuse if he saw me talking to Toby. The others, including Martin, are giving me curious looks.

I shrug lightly, taking a huge bite of my burger to try and distract the others.

Sure enough, they soon begin to talk and eat
again, but Violet’s gaze is still fixed on mine, unmoving.

“Are you okay?”
She mouths to me. I nod and smile reassuringly, ignoring the churn in my stomach.

I stare down at my tray- consisting of a small burger with a piece of greasy lettuce, and some rather amazing looking
fries. Going down waterslides is more tiring than it looks.

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