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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 135
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“But Toby,”
I step closer and glare up into his eyes,

“Which piece of my heart should I follow? I don’t trust my heart, and do you know why? Because it lead me to you.” I shoot him a last piercing glare, before spinning on
my heel and strutting back to my table.

Fire is running down my veins, and my hands are shaking.

It’s so surreal to think that this guy was once my best friend, and now he’s the furthest he can get away it.

I shake my head to try and clear my thoughts.

I was having an awesome day until he showed up, and I’m not going to let him ruin the rest of it.

“What was that about?” Violet asks me as I sit down on the table.

Alec hasn’t arrived yet, luckily, or he might have blown a fuse if he saw me talking to Toby. The others, including Martin, are giving me curious looks.

I shrug lightly, taking a huge bite of my burger to try and distract the others.

Sure enough, they soon begin to talk and eat
again, but Violet’s gaze is still fixed on mine, unmoving.

“Are you okay?”
She mouths to me.

I nod and smile reassuringly, ignoring the churn in my stomach.

I stare down at my tray- consisting of a small burger with a piece of greasy lettuce, and some rather amazing looking fries.

Going down waterslides is more tiring than it looks.

Alec greets us, sliding onto a seat opposite me.

We were told by the teachers that we should change back into our normal clothes, but I don’t think anyone actually has.

The girls have mainly put on just the shorts
over their bikinis, and the odd guy has slipped on a shirt, but we’re all at the ready to dive back into the pool as soon as our lunch is over. I rip a small piece of lettuce from the greasy leaf and flick it at Alec, enjoying the
satisfaction of it smacking him on the shoulder. He looks up at me, then back at the lettuce, and then his eyes narrow dangerously.

He grabs the leaf and flicks it back,
hitting me square in the forehead.

Him and his annoyingly good aim.

“Who wants to come on the super bowl with me after lunch? Can any of you take it?”
Joe wriggles his eyebrows intimidatingly, “Got to let your food settle, kids.”

“I can take it,”
Chase scoffs, taking a gulp from his can, “I could eat an entire buffet and go on a rollercoaster straight afterwards without throwing up. It won’t be me spewing up chunks, promise.”

“Is that a bet brother?”
Joe raises his eyebrows, “You’re

“As many rides as possible. Whoever pukes first,”
Chase grins and offers a hand to Joe, who in turn shakes it.

Honestly, boys and their freaking competitions. Would they really risk throwing up for some stupid bet? I know for sure that I wouldn’t.

I shudder at the thought,
finishing the last bite of my small yet surprisingly delicious burger and fries.

I admit, I kind of scarfed it
down- but I’m hungry, so don’t judge me. It’s about one o clock now, and I think we have to be back at school by five.

I really don’t want this day to end: it’s been so good so far.

Kaitlin would have loved my friends. She always
did have a thing about preferring my friends to hers.

“Have you finished your food?”
Alec asks me casually.

“Yeah, why?”

“Oh no reason.”
His words are tinged with feigned innocence, and my eyes automatically narrow suspiciously as gets up from his chair to stack his tray on the nearby stand. I follow his every movement, but even
I can’t detect the moment that he yanks my chair back, and scoops me up. I let out a surprised yelp as I’m pulled
up into the air, and I clutch his shoulders so that I don’t fall. “Alec, what the fudge do you think you are doing?!” I lean back to get a view of his face, and he’s smiling smugly down at me. I can hear Violet laughing, and the boys cheering from back on our table, causing even more eyes to be drawn to us. We’re the height of attention, go figure.

Alec steps down the steps, out of the
café and directly to the poolside.

It’s only then that I grasp what he’s going to do.

Well, as well as thanking the lord that I’m in my bikini and shorts, not fully clothed.

I climb out of the pool and head towards him, watching him mischievously.

I need to plan my next move. He
knows that I want to get him in the pool, I can tell by his smug yet determined face. What he doesn’t know, however, is that it’s pretty darn obvious that I can’t shove
him in with brute force: even I know I’d lose that fight any day.

I’ve got to be tactical about this. What is Alec’s
weak spot? S-x.


I dance towards him, standing close and laying a single palm on his chest. Already I can feel him stiffening awkwardly, and I use that to my advantage, stepping closer again until we can’t even breathe without skin
touching. “Alec?” I purr, putting on my most seductive voice.

Albeit, I sound like a dying walrus, but it seems to be working. His muscles are taut and he’s hardly breathing.

“Er y-yeah?”

I spin around quickly and shove him hard in the chest, sending him flying backwards into the pool. “Karma is a

I even get an applaud from the crowd.


“We can sq££ze in one last waterslide before we get changed,”
I pant, running full speed up the stairs.

Violet and Martin are thundering up the stairs behind me, with Joe and Alec just in front. Technically, we should be
getting changed now, but we wanted to fit in one last waterslide before we leave. Consequently meaning we’re
sprinting up about five flights of stairs for the last one, and from experience I can tell you that it does no good for someone as horrifically unfit as me.

I used to be on the track team, yeah, yeah, but track wasn’t running upwards.

When we finally emerge on the platform, we make a beeline for the waterslide.

I think we’re going down as a
group again, but with none of the ‘go underneath me’ stuff this time.

Hopefully this ride should be a lot more
painless, but also pretty fun.

Joe shuffles in first, followed by Alec and I slide in next. Behind me, Violet and Martin
join on. “Ready?” Joe calls backwards, and Violet whoops in reply.

Then we’re pushed off into the darkness for the last time, whooping and laughing as we swerve with the curves of the ride.

The cool water causes goose bumps
to erupt on my legs, and I let out a final whoop before the ending comes into view and we’re thrown into the water.

After we’ve climbed out, we see Miss King staring down at us, an amused half smile on her lips.

She’s the nice, young teacher of the school who a lot of students like.

I’ve never had her teach me personally, but I wish I had.

“You rebels were supposed to be getting changed,”
She rolls her eyes at our antics, “Go on, hurry up. You have
ten minutes to be out and ready by the coaches, okay?”

“Thanks miss,”
I grin, and we speed-walk our way back to the changing rooms.

Just because Miss King found our urge for one last slide amusing, doesn’t mean other
teachers will. I pull a face at Alec quickly, before I’m pulled into the girls changing rooms by a laughing Violet.

We have to hurry to get changed or we’re going to be late and keep everyone waiting. However, that’s a lot harder
than it seems when we walk in and see that a lot of girls are already ready and dressed.

I murmur under my breath. I dart back to my spot on the bench, quickly pulling up my towel to dry myself.

I change under the towel, like my modest self
would usually do. It doesn’t hesitate to surprise me how some of these girls are not ashamed in the slightest, and change freely in front of the other girls. I mean, I’m way
too self-conscious to even think of doing that: I’d never have the courage.

I can see bodies everywhere I look.

Holy crap, it’s like a freaking nude society in here.

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