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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 136
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“Alec, I’m not so sure about this.”
I bite my lip for what must be the millionth time today, and the familiar metallic taste of blood floods my mouth. “What if they don’t like
The stupid a-s decided today was the day: he’s finally going to take me to meet his cousin Natasha, and her mother (Marie’s sister) Rosa. I’m currently sat in the
backseat of Marie’s car with Alec, and I think I’ve ran out of nails to chew with nerves. I’ll be chewing off my
fingers next.

“You’ll be fine Riley,” Alec rolls his eyes, “Honestly, you have nothing to worry about. Mom already rang Rosa up, and she’s really looking forward to meet you. Joe and
possibly Chase will be meeting us there too, so there’ll be other people who you know.”
That should be some consolation to me, but I’m still nervous, although I can’t
really pinpoint why. Meeting Alec’s family? S------g up and embarrassing myself? It’s a mystery to me.

Alec seems to be under the impression that me and Natasha will get along well, but what if we don’t? I’m not exactly the most skilled of socialisers.

“Joe is going to be there?” I echo, and Alec nods.

“Yeah, we went to my aunt’s house a lot when we were kids.

He wanted to see her again,” Alec informs me. He’s sat on the opposite side of the backseat with me, and Marie is driving. I’m not sure how long it takes to get to his aunt’s house, but we’re at the edge of Lindale now so

it can’t be much further.

All the larger houses are located
here, and I can’t help but feel a little intimidated.

Are they going to be really snobby and wealthy? No, surely not.

Alec would let me know, right? [b] “Chase wants to see her too but he might be held up with some family event.”

Alec says after a pause, and I glance over at him.

Family event? I never pictured Chase as the type to be perfectly honest. Stereotypical of me, I know.

“What about Dylan?”
I try to act nonchalant about the question, but the truth is that my throat is dry. I want to know if the boys have still fallen out, plus I also kind of
want him to say no- I’m still not acting comfortably around Dylan, and who can blame me?

“He was never that close with Nat and Aunt Rosa anyway.” Alec replies curtly.

Well there’s the answer to my question.

“Riley you’re going to love it,”
Marie reassures me, “My sister is so lovely, and I can already tell that you and Natasha will get along like a house on fire.

There’s no need to worry, sweetheart.”
When I first saw Marie this morning, she was so excited about reuniting me with my
friend. When I asked what she meant, she explained that Alec had said that we had met through Natasha.

Anyway, after reassuring her that saying Alec had come out of the closet was a complete lie, she realised that I didn’t in fact know Natasha and know we’re where we are right now.

Me going to a complete strangers house
and attempting to not look like a total noob. Good luck
with that Riley.

I sigh quietly and begin to stare out of the window again,
ignoring the nerves wracking my body. We’re turning into a thin road with giant houses and swooping gravel driveways on either side. Intimidating would be an understatement for this.

I suddenly feel incredibly under-
dressed in my leggings and converse. Should I have dressed up a bit more? Alec isn’t dressed up…but then again, this is his family we’re talking about. He probably does dress casually in front of them, he has no need to
impress them.

I should have worn a frigging prom dress or something, oh my god.

“Here we are!” Marie chirps as we finally turn into a stone driveway. I stare wide-eyed at the house in front of me.

It’s a big house, just a step smaller than a mansion, and it’s painted a pale yellow colour that has faded with years and years of the Oregon sun, I expect.

Ivy climbs the wall in an unkempt, but kind of homely fashion.

It’s probably the least intimidating house on the street of mansions, but I’m still not exactly in my comfort zone.

“You’ll love it here Riley,”
Marie gushes as we clamber out of the car, “We’re going to have a picnic and you kids can
play in the yard, it will be amazing I promise you. If you’re not enjoying it though or you want to leave at any point, just let me know.

I’ll take you home, okay?”
offers me a reassuring smile, and I give her a grateful one back.

“Why isn’t Millie here again?”
I murmur to Alec.

At least if she was here, I could have held her hand for comfort or something.

It would be a little out of the blue if I just
started holding Alec’s hand.

“She’s staying at her friend’s house for a play date today,”

Alec replies. Aww, a play date? That has to be the cutest thing ever. “We can’t bring her here very often with the dog,” Alec continues, “The thing is just way too excited,
not to mention bigger than her. She gets hurt.”

Whoa, big dog?

“Marie!” A voice calls excitedly from the doorway, and I turn to see a beaming woman stood in the entrance to
the house. She has the same curly hair as Marie, only slightly lighter, and her figure is slightly curvier.

She’s dressed in a white shirt with a brown belt and some jean capris, her hair pulled back into a bandana.

She looks very country and from what I can see of the girl coming up behind her, mother and daughter are very alike.

“Come in, come in,” Rosa chirps, “How was your drive
Marie places a reassuring hand on my back and guides me to the door, smiling at her sister.

“It was okay thanks. Where are Natasha and Percy?”

“Right here,”
A girl steps out from behind Rosa, and I get my first glimpse of the cousin that Alec raves about to me.

Natasha’s hair is raven black and short, curled
around her face, and she’s freckled intensely in an adorable way.

She’s not what I pictured for some reason,
but she’s incredibly pretty. Good genes must run in Alec’s family. “We haven’t released Percy yet.

Don’t want to scare off our visitor halfway through the door, do we?”
She leans forward and shakes my hand, offering
me an infectious smile. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Natasha.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,”
I reply with a grin, “My name is Riley.”

“Oh I know who you are,”
She grins mischievously, green eyes flickering over to Alec for half a second.

“You’re the girl that drew on Alec’s face.”

Well that makes me seem like a right b---h.

I open my mouth to protest but she beats me too it, chuckling. “No need to explain, I’ve heard all the details.

You’re practically a legend.”
She lifts her hand up for a high five, and I stare at it for half a second before slapping it enthusiastically, slightly dazed that I really do seem to
like this girl as much as Alec says. D--n him, why does he have to be so right all the time?

“It’s lovely to meet you Riley,”
Rosa nods with a wide smile, “Let’s head to the lounge, shall we? Drinks anyone?” There’s a murmur of approval amongst our
group, and Rosa puts a delicate hand on my back to guide me into the house. Despite the scale of it, the interior shockingly makes me feel really at ease, and I'm around in wonder.

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