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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 138
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♜A L E C R Y D E R♜

Don’t worry, I had the sense to leave Riley with Violet before beginning my quest for vengeance.

When I left, Riley was in one of those states where she physically could not hold it together without another person there to comfort her.

If I’d have left her alone…

there’s no telling what she would have done. So, being the responsible p---k I am, I left her in her best friend’s arms.

Girls are better at that sort of stuff than boys
anyway, right? I mean, I’m terrible with tears. We could tell that alone from when Millie started bawling on that night Riley was babysitting.

That was freaking terrifying.

No, my job today isn’t to gather tissues luckily, but to let Tiana know just what humiliation feels like.

I shake my head a little to clear my thoughts as I pace down the corridor, back towards the main hall. I can’t get distracted at the moment, I have some a-s-kicking to do, and nothing is going to stop me from fulfilling it.

I pick up the pace, jogging past the principal’s office and breathing a sigh of relief as I see that Tiana is no longer there.

Hopefully she’s either been suspended, or she’s in the hall with everyone else.

Preferably the second one. I want her
to see what I’m about to do in person.

I enter the cafeteria, and it’s pretty much as it was before the whole announcement. However, there’s a darkness behind the conversations people having. I bet about 99%
of these are about what has just happened and about Riley, and I intend to cure that. I glance to the side and see Chase and Joe, stood either side of a very intimidated Toby.

His jaw is lined with a giant bruise, and he’s staring down at the floor in contempt.

Serves him right.

I have half a mind to spit at him, to show him the non-existent respect I have for him, but somehow I know that despite
what he’s just done to her, Riley wouldn’t approve.

I sigh and walk straight up to the table: the exact same one that Tiana stood on top of.

Sure enough, she’s stood at the back of the cafeteria, and she’s talking with Mr Boston,
flanked by one of her cronies.

I clench my fists and stand up on the table.

Eerily, I get attention instantly.

People’s eyes are eager and wide for the next piece of juicy gossip, and it’s incredibly un-nerving to see so many faces focus on you.

The principal glances up, as does Tiana, and my
eyes narrow. This is why I’m doing this. Adrenaline races through my veins, and I manage a shaky smile. “Ladies
and gentlemen,”
I mock Tiana from earlier, “I think you’ll find the killer has been falsely reported.” Do it for Riley.
Confused faces. Murmurs.

“You see, although you people think you know the whole story, you really don’t. Riley Greene is not a murderer in the slightest.

She respected her sister’s wishes, and she
couldn’t afford the treatment- there is nothing wrong with that. In fact it’s kind of ironic that Tiana is calling Riley a monster, when she is the one that willingly helped Toby cheat on her.”
Almost at once, jaws drop and
whispers ricochet around the audience, but my focus is solely on Tiana.

Her eyes are flaming with anger, glaring
right back at me.

“You see,”
I begin to pace around the table, imitating Tiana’s performance from earlier.

My hands shake, so I clasp them behind my back. “Toby and Riley dated for
quite a while. But when her sister died, Toby was the one who cracked.

He cheated on her with Tiana because he
couldn’t handle the pressure, then he got that girl pregnant and forced her to abort the baby.”
I shoot an icy smile at Toby.

“Then, go figure, he ran away to a different state for a while and comes back and what does he do? He tells Tiana the whole story about Riley’s sister, and humiliates
her in front of the whole school, wanting to get her back.

I’m sorry, but there’s a failed move, and then there’s that.

How you thought that would bring her back to you, I have no idea,”
I shake my head disappointedly, “Now.

Students of Lindale High, I want you to listen back on that story, and I dare you to tell me whether Riley is the real monster in this whole scheme.”
I gulp back the last of
my nerves as I look amongst the faces staring up at me, and I feel a small surge of pride. Disgust and sympathy seems to be the most common expression I’m getting,
which means that it’s worked, right? I’ve stood up for Riley.

“An abortion?”

“I feel really mean now, for judging Riley before I heard the whole back story.”

“My grandma chose to die, because she had a liver problem. It was hard, but we had to respect her wishes:
it was the right thing to do.”

By this point I’m grinning.

Riley thought she was so hated and judged, and I’ve just fixed it for her.

I’ve shown the audience the whole story. I glance to the side and see Chase and Joe grinning with me. Chase shakes
his head amusedly and shouts, “Dude, you’re so freaking whipped.”
I stick my finger up at him.

If b*tches could fly, this school would be a fricking airport.

“Alec Ryder,” Mr Boston hisses lowly from besides the table, “Come down from there at once. I think we need to talk. You, me and Tiana in my office now.”

I nod, and climb down from the table, flanking the principal on the way back to her office. Riley isn’t in the room, but Tiana has never looked so humiliated in her life.

Her cheeks are flamed red and her glare is focused on the floor. I know it’s kind of evil, but I can’t help to grin.

“You two are going to be in serious trouble,” He tells us.

But it’s so fricking worth it.


I exit the girl’s restrooms with my head held high.

My mascara trails are gone, even though it is kind of obvious that I’ve been crying, and I have my best friend on my arm: I am untouchable. Surprisingly, as I walk through
the corridors, I don’t quite get the reaction I was expecting.

No judging looks, no expressions of disgust.
In fact, if anything I get some sympathetic smiles.

I frown confusedly- what exactly did Alec do when he disappeared? He must have done something, right? Or are the students of Lindale High just a lot more understanding than I first thought? All he told me was that he was going to speak to Chase and Joe, but that’s
quite evidently not the case.

“I’m so sorry about your sister, really I am. No-one deserves to go through that.”

“Alec’s speech was so romantic.”

“He opened the audience’s eyes, not to mention got revenge on Tiana Cooper.”

“Tiana Cooper- I’ve never liked that b*tch. I’m so sorry about your sister and Toby, Riley.”

I gaze around with an upmost conflicted expression.

On the one hand, it appears that the whole school now knows about my past. On the other hand, however, nobody is embarrassing me or judging me because of
it….it’s like they understand. Alec. He must have done this, it’s so freaking obvious.

Now I’m not sure whether I
want to slap him, or kiss the freaking daylights out of him.

I need to find him first, before I make my decision.

I tap a random girl on the shoulder. “Excuse me,” I ask politely, “Do you know where Alec is?”

“Mr Boston pulled him off with Tiana,”
She frowns, “I’m really sorry about your sister.” She grabs the last of her
books from her locker, slams the door and begins to walk off in the opposite direction.

I frown- Alec’s been
taken to the principal’s office?! This is all my fault: I should never have let him go.

Across the corridor, I spot a
familiar mop of blonde hair.

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