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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 51
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“Have you only just woken up?”
Alec asks me, glancing sideways as I come to stand in the kitchen doorway. He’s
already dressed and ready, go figure.

“You should probably hurry. We need to be at school in ten minutes.”

He says it so calmly, as if it’s the usual for him.

Me, on the other hand, well I wasn’t expecting that.

Ten minutes?!

I yelp, glancing hurriedly up at the kitchen clock to see that he’s right.

I need to pick up Violet in less than
fifteen minutes and I’m not showered, dressed- heck, I’m not even in my own house! “S--t!” I curse, bolting back
over to the lounge to grab my stuff. “Thanks for yesterday Alec; I’ll see you at school!” I barely even leave
time to hear his reply before I’m sprinting out of his door and over the front yard to my house.

I’m aware that I’m currently only wearing a T-shirt, holding my clothes and Alec’s leather jacket (from last night, it appears) in a
strange bundle in my arms, but it’s not as if I have a choice. I need to hurry if I’m going to pick Violet up on time.

Luckily for me, the front door is left open.

Mom must be out doing the bins, like she usually does before she goes to work on Friday’s. I’m not entirely sure what I would
have done if the door was locked, but it seems that luck is on my side for once and I can enter the house without a fuss.

I need to be quiet though- Mom and Jack think I’m at Violet’s right now, and I’ll probably be grounded if they

see me.

I rush up the stairs two at a time, trying to make as little noise as possible whilst doing so. I can hear Jack in the kitchen below me, having breakfast.

He’ll be leaving soon for school, but elementary starts a little later than high
school, so he’s on time whereas I am late. Late, late, late.

Closing my bedroom door quietly behind me, I sigh in relief before dumping the unruly pile onto my bed without a second glance at them. I should probably hand Alec’s jacket and t-shirt back tonight, but I can worry
about that later. The first thing I do is fish out some skinnies and a Starbucks tee from my drawers.

As much as Alec’s top is comfortable, I can’t even imagine what
people would say if I turned up at school in a boy’s shirt.

Words that no girl ever deserves to hear, that’s what.

I glance quickly at my watch. 5 minutes left! My hair still looks decent enough from last night, so I don’t need to
worry about that. Just brushing my teeth and grabbing my school bag.

I must say, I work pretty well under

Five minutes later, I’m ready.

Just. I slip a pair of aviators onto my head, grab my school bag and open my door
quietly, peering around the landing to make sure that nobody is there before I make my escape.

I can hear the phone ringing downstairs, and my mom heading to answer it.

Spotting my chance, I make a dash for it and
bolt down the stairs and out of the front door. Once I’m in outside, I finally collapse, panting.

That had to be one of the most hectic mornings I’ve ever faced. I don’t think
I’ve ever really slept in much before, come to think of it.

I’m still horrifically late, but if I leave now, I might not get a detention.

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