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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 56
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“Please Riley? Just one date? He’s looking for a girl to take out. I could organise a blind date for you two…?”
She suggests, “Meghan says he’s cute as f--k, and he’s moved here recently. He wants to get to know some people, and you could really do with a night out every once in a while.” She looks up at me with pleading wide
eyes, jutting her bottom lip out in a begging notion.

I sigh. Maybe it would be good for me to get out again.

I mean, I’m a teenager right? I’ll only be this age once.

Besides, it would be a bit of fun to date cute guys again.

I mean, what’s not fun about getting free food and a drool session?

But what if it’s awkward? What if you don’t know how to act around him? What if he’s actually really ugly? Or if he
rejects you on the spot? What then?
I deliberate over the options for a minute longer, but my
answer is set in stone whether I like it or not. The excitement is already stirring in my chest. I need to get out more.

“God, why are you so persuasive?” I groan, surrendering with a scowl of frustration.

Violet grins wickedly.

“Friday night it is.”
“Mom, I’m home!”
I yell, dumping my bag down at the foot of the stairs.

It smells suspiciously of baking in the
house, so I’m betting that mum has made yet another set of treats to fatten us all up. Cake maybe? Cookies? I smile, heading up the stairs to greet her.

“Hi sweetie, how was school?” Mum emerges from her bedroom, ruffled and dusty and wearing a pair of sweatpants.

I stare uncertainly at her. What on earth is
she doing? “I was just looking through some old photo albums,” She explains, reading my face, “It got a little
messy though. I haven’t seen those things in years.”
I nod, leaning in to kiss her cheek.

“My day was good thanks, how was yours?”

“It went really well,”
She smiles, “Marie and I met up again.

She wants to know if you’re able to babysit again tonight.”

Babysit? After last time? Oh I don’t know… “Will Alec be there?” I blurt out unthinkingly. I regret it as soon as I see
a suggestive smile quirking her lips up, her eyebrows rising skyward. Uh oh, mom’s already butting in where she’s not needed. I’m just scared that it’s going to be
awkward, is all. Not anything else at all.

“No, he’s going to a friend’s house tonight so you’re on your own. Don’t miss him too much,”
Mom teases, ruffling my hair. I shove her playfully on the shoulder,
shaking my head.

“Don’t ruffle my hair mom,” I grumble, and she just grins happily back at me.

“Go and do your homework sweetie. We’re having spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. I made brownies for dessert: you can take some around to Marie when you
go over there, okay?”

“Okay mom.”
I watch her as she walks away, before sighing.

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