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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 61
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Alec blushes and stares at his feet, obviously feeling awkward about the exchange too. And so he should,
Manwh0r£. “I um, should go,” I mutter. Alec’s eyes snap up at that, looking pained at my reaction.

Why pained? I bite my lip and glance at the floor again. “Don’t worry, I’ll
leave through the window.”

And without another word, I unlock his window and clamber out cautiously, shivering in the cold night air. He and his stupid condom b---h can babysit Millie themselves.

I’m done. Ignoring the drop, I stretch over
to my own windowsill and jump.

“I’m sorry Riley.”
His voice comes after me, soft and quiet in the evening breeze.

“It’s okay.”
I reply without looking back. “Goodnight Alec.”

The window slams shut behind me.


The next few days pass in a blur, and before I know it Friday has rolled around….Yep, that means that my blind date is tonight.

I’ve spoken to Alec a little since the
incident, but not as much as I usually would. I’m not sure if it’s because we feel awkward or whether it’s just
the way things turned out but either way, I can’t focus on that right now.

I’m already five minutes late for class
because I forgot to set my alarm last night, I can’t afford to lose more time or I’ll be in detention. Holding my folder above my head to shield myself from the rain, I
sprint across the empty courtyard. It doesn’t rain in Lindale very often, but when it does it doesn’t just rain, it floods.

My hair and clothes are soaked, I’m pretty sure my folder pages are wet and I’m late for class.

Things couldn’t get any better.

“I’m here, I’m here!”
I cry as I burst into the classroom,
five minutes late. Big mistake. The entire class is working in silence, and my dramatic entrance literally just won me
every eye possible in a fifty mile radius. I flush red under the sniggering from the class, taking one wary glance at the teacher before I quietly head to my seat with my head down.

No use attracting even more attention.

Laughter from the class follows me, and Mr Carrington’s
glare burns into the back of my head like a laser. “You’re
late Miss Greene. Five minutes. I expect to be seeing you in detention later on to make up the time: fifteen minutes after school.”

“For five minutes tardy?”
My mouth drops open, “Sir, you can’t do that! I have plans!”

“It’ll be twenty minutes if you don’t quieten down Riley,”

He grits his teeth, giving me a warning look. Chase and Dylan snigger at me from the back row, and I shoot them a glare before turning to the text book.

Well, I don’t understand any of this. I frown, staring at the figures until
they all become a huge mush in my brain.

What does any of this mean? Tentatively, I raise my hand. I hear an
exasperated sigh come from Mr Carrington. “What is it Greene?”

“I don’t understand sir,”
I say politely, gesturing to the book.

Dylan winks at me from across the side of the
classroom. Mr Carrington growls under his breath,
running a podgy hand through his thinning brown hair.

He saw the wink, no doubt.

“Merrick. Here, now.”

Dylan rises, grabbing his pen and book from the desk to come and stand behind me. I can feel his presence, but I refuse to turn him the satisfaction of a glare. “You can
help her with this,”
Mr Carrington orders, “Go and work with her outside if you must.” Dylan taps me on the
shoulder, and I sigh. Ugh, maths. Gathering up my things, I follow Dylan to the door, shooting Violet a desperate look. She smiles and winks back at me.

What is it with people and winking at me today? My gaze drifts to Alec at the back of the room. He winks at me an awful
lot. I’m surprised to see that he’s already looking at me,
but not winking thankfully. Our eyes lock, and Alec’s lips
twitch into a smile. Mine follow shortly after.

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