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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 66
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I shoot him the middle finger, before sliding into my car.

It doesn’t take long for the tears to escape.


I return home quietly, slipping inside and hoping no-one will notice.

It’s only about half seven. I got myself back
together pretty quickly after my breakdown, but it’s clear to see that any evidence of makeup has been completely
erased from my face.

My hair miraculously stayed intact,
but it’s not like I’m going out anywhere anyway, so that’s
just gone to waste. I tiptoe up the stairs to my room, and shut the door with a sigh, slumping against it.

The curtains are closed, so I quickly change into a pair of leggings and a baggy jumper. I’m not in the mood for anything at all.

Even a little trip from Ben and Jerry doesn’t
seem appealing right now.

Toby. My sister. The girl. Everything is crushing down on me, and I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.

I choke back the rise in my throat as the thoughts enter my head again, heading over to the window.

I need some air, I need to breathe.We’ve had enough crying for one night, I think, and it’s physically paining me to do anymore.

My throat is red raw. I just want to forget all
about it. I wish I’d never gone on that godforsaken date.

I open the window and breathe in deeply, attempting to calm my senses, distract my thoughts. Isn’t that what
they do in yoga or whatever? I curse quietly at the situation, closing my eyes and leaning my head against the window frame. A few tears escape down my face.

I can’t seem to hold them in. Toby. Kaitlin. Tiana. Toby. Kaitlin. Tiana. Toby. Toby is joining my school.

“Riley?” A soft voice comes from in front of me, and I jump wildly, almost hitting my head off the window.

Alec is stood behind his window, watching me with a concerned and wary expression. He doesn’t like tears, remember? I offer him a weak half smile, as though he
didn’t just scare the life out of me, wiping the tears from my cheeks in an attempt at nonchalance.

I completely forgot that by going to the window, I’d be giving him a
first row seat to my breakdown. I blush and straighten up a little bit. “Hi Alec. What’s up?”

Alec chuckles a little bitterly, “Don’t even start
with that bullshit. What’s wrong? Who made you cry?”

His fists clench on his windowsill. He beat up Brad for spiking my drink. He beat up Brad for me. His dark eyes search mine endlessly, but I straighten up and try to keep my face blank and void of emotion. The last thing I need
right now is to go all hormonal teenage girl on Alec.

Besides, my eyes are dry now. I don’t think I could cry anymore, even if I wanted to. “No-one Alec,” I sigh, leaning back, “I’ve just had a hard night, okay?”

Alec analyses my face for a second longer. “Put your shoes on. Meet me out front when you’re done okay?

I want to show you something.”
And with that, he pulls his window down and disappears from my view, probably leaving his bedroom. I stare after him, confused. Shoes on? Where is he going to take me?

Some part of me is pining to stay in and cry all night, eating ice cream (because who doesn’t love that stuff?)
but I think I’m past that stage right now. I need to be
strong, because by the looks of it my life is going to get a hell of a lot harder very soon and I refuse to just lie down and take it. I’m not that kind of girl. Besides, I’m curious
as to what he wants to show me. I grab my converse from beside my bed and slip them on, not bothering about the trailing laces. I’m going to need to sneak past

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