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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 67
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I pull on a thin jacket and tuck my hair behind my ears, creeping out into the landing again. I think Mum’s watching The Bachelor in the living room, and Jack’s asleep, so it should be pretty easy. Keeping an eye on where I place my feet is basically the only problem,
because we have a couple of creaky stairs, but even that is hard to conquer when you’ve been living here for years now.

I tiptoe down the stairs and into the hallway.
For just one second is all I pause for, deliberating over whether I’ll get in massive trouble for sneaking out, but
the curiosity takes over again and I dash towards the door.

Slipping out into the night, I shiver a little before closing the door behind me. Alec leans against the tree at the bottom of my garden- the one he hung all of my
underwear from. “C’mon,” He gestures and slopes over to the motorbike.

I blush a little and follow him, sliding onto the seat behind him and wrapping my arms around him without question.

I must say, this motorbike is pretty dang
awesome, but scary as hell.

I constrict my arms tighter around Alec’s torso. To hell that I’m risking falling off. The
engine starts with a low rumble, and the next thing I know Alec is reversing out of the driveway and we’re speeding off into the dark night with nothing more than a
screech of tyres and a roar of the engine.

I watch the scenery quietly on the journey. Streetlights line the road, glowing dimly in the dusk yet still managing to chase away the shadows creeping in on the speeding


Everything just looks so much more mysterious at night.

Far to my left, I can see a glint of the dark raging sea, crashing against the rocks in fury.

I wonder if anyone’s on the beach right now. Probably not.

There are very few cars on the road, meaning all I can hear is the roar of the bike in the numbing silence.

It’s actually kind of beautiful, as corny as it may sound. I smile a little
and press my cheek against Alec’s back to look at the opposite side, feeling his small intake of breath as he registers my action.

It doesn’t take long until we’ve arrived. Around five minutes. “Alec?” I frown when he comes to a stop,

“What are we doing here? Are we lost?”
I look around confusedly at the scenery. Alec has just parked us at the side of a small country lane, running through a forest.
There are no cars here, and the streetlights seem oddly far apart, creating an eerie effect on the landscape.

It’s beginning to get darker now, with dusk settling at around the height of my knees rather than surrounding me
completely, like it was before. I can see a few stars, but apart from that it’s all trees. Trees everywhere I look.

I laugh nervously, sliding off the bike to follow Alec’s actions. “You know, if you want to murder me I just want to let you know that I always carry pepper spray
with me.”

Alec raises an eyebrow and begins to walk into the forest.

I quickly rush after him, scared of being left alone. We all know how that horror movie ends.

“If I was going to murder you, it’s probably not a good idea to tell me that
you have pepper spray.”
Alec comments, walking further into the trees. I glance desperately back at the
motorcycle, but Alec doesn’t seem fazed by his surroundings.

He sends me a short sideways glance and
a small smirk, “Scared princess?”
I roll my eyes, refusing to grace his teasing with a retort.

I’m focused entirely on where I’m headed, because knowing me, I’ll trip over a tree root or something and lose all of the shreds of dignity I still have to my name. I’d
hate to see how hard Alec would laugh if something like that happened. I shudder just thinking about it.

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