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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 68
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“It’s not that far, don’t worry,”
Alec reassures me, and I nod.

Somehow I get the feeling that this isn’t the place or time for loud voices and teasing remarks, unlike our usual conversations.

It’s dark under the canopy of trees,
not to mention creepy and silent. I follow Alec without question, watching my feet carefully so as to avoid tripping up on the hazardous terrain. What could be so
interesting, out here, in the middle of a forest that Alec found the need to bring me here? We walk in silence for a few more minutes, getting deeper and deeper into the
heart of the forest. “You know, I’m sorry to ask and all…”I trail off, “But what the hell are we doing in the middle of a
forest? I’m seriously considering you murdering me as an option, you know.”

Alec laughs, “What is it? You don’t like surprises or something?”

I stare at him blankly. “Does anyone like surprises? I’m an impatient person, so no; I’m definitely not a fan.”

“You take the fun out of it,”
He grins, holding a branch back to let me pass.

I stick my tongue out in reply.

Because I’m so mature like that. Yeah, be jealous.

After what seems like forever, the trees begin to dwindle and a small clearing comes into view.

I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t here. I frown a little at the dewy grass, preparing to sit down on my hoodie,
but to my surprise Alec keeps walking.

He crosses through the clearing and back into the forestry of the other side.

Are you kidding me? I sigh a little, frustrated
that my discovery was incorrect, before stumbling after him into the forest again.

Unlike the other side of the clearing however, this side is a hill.

Alec easily treads down the steep terrain as though he’s been here a million times, but it takes a few stumbles for my feet to grow used to the steep decline.

We walk to the bottom of the hill, and every now and then Alec will have to hold back some branches or stop me from stumbling.

He smiles, but he doesn’t talk much.
Somehow it doesn’t feel like the right time too.

Once we reach the end of the hill however, another clearing emerges, but this one is so different from the first.

It’s amazing.

The clearing is much larger than the first, quite far back on top of a cliff. I can just about see the coastline in the distance, and hear the rumble of the sea, but that’s not
the focus of my awe.

No, the focus is just so much
better. Just in front of us lies an abandoned railway: a gorgeous stone bridge smothered in ivy to the far left (at the edge of the clearing) with a rusted track leading straight through the middle. It’s beautiful, and old, and
the kind of thing you see on the front of stunning scenery magazines.

Untouched and just amazing.

My mouth pops open in reaction to the view, and Alec turns to look at me with a just as breath taking goofy grin. “You like it?”
He grabs my hand and pulls me down the hill towards the tracks, and we stop just a few metres in front of it.

Oh my god, he’s holding my hand.

“I love it,”
I whisper as we sit down, staring at the gorgeous stone bridge. “Who introduced you to this
Sadly, he lets go of my hand at this point, but the skin still feels warm and tingly.

“We lived here for a couple of years when I was little.

That’s how I know Chase, Joe and Dylan by the way,”
He shoots me a sideways glance, “We used to come here a
lot- it was our hang out spot, but when s--t happened I had to move away. I’ve been coming here recently- it’s
kind of where I like to think, y’know? You’re the first person other than the guys who I have brought up here

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