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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 71
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“27…28…29…30! Ready or not, here I come!”
Alec’s voice
ricochets faintly around the house, causing Millie to squirm in anticipation from on my lap. Yep, we’re playing hide and seek.

Call us kids, but it’s a fun game: not to
mention Millie’s favourite. Alec is upstairs in Millie’s room right now; at least that was where he was counting.

As for me and Millie, well we’re hidden in the crammed storage cupboard under the stairs. I swear the amount of shoes and sharp things I’m sat on now should be enough to take me into hospital. Uncomfortable is an
understatement for this freaking cupboard.
Above us, Alec’s footsteps are enough to make Millie fidget nervously again as he treks down the stairs. What
is he, an elephant? “Jeez man, lose some weight if your footsteps sound like that,” I mutter under my breath.

Millie giggles quietly, curling further up into my lap.

Its pitch black in this darned cupboard, but even so I can tell
that Millie’s eyes are sparkling with excitement. She adores her big brother, and recently I think she’s been
truly warming up to me as well. When I arrived a couple of hours ago, Millie crashed straight into my legs, hugging them. Plus, she’s getting less of her withdrawal
symptoms now, and Marie has left us with her for the entire day because she’s meeting up with her boyfriend who’s been away.

I don’t mind, if I’m honest. The kid is growing on me, plus Alec’s not too bad- minus the cocky remarks and teasing of course.

Alec’s footsteps pass by the cupboard towards the lounge, and I hold my breath in anticipation.

Part of me is wishing that Alec would hurry up and find us so that I can finally get out of this horrible torture chamber (I think
I’m sat on a Lego brick- the worst kind of pain) , but then the other part is giggling in excitement, similar to what Millie’s doing now. “Shhh,” I smile, putting my finger to her lips. She giggles again, more quietly this time, but it’s
possible that Alec heard it.

Sure enough, we don’t have to wait long until the footsteps head back towards us, and Millie tenses in my arms, releasing a high pitched quiet squeal and shielding
her eyes. “I wonder where they could be…” Alec ponders loudly outside, obviously for Millie’s sake. I roll my eyes
in amusement but Millie gasps, squirming to get as far away from the cupboard door as possible. “Is that a giggle?” Alec’s footsteps get closer and closer, until I can
hear him stood right outside of the door. Even I’m squirming at this point. “Is it coming from in there?” He muses, “No, can’t be. They’re much too big to fit in that
tiny cupboard.”

“Well excuse me,”
I say sarcastically as I hear him walking away, and Millie screams as his footsteps stop walking away, knowing that he’ll find us. He obviously heard me…to be honest; I think the whole street did. I
said it purposefully loud. A smirk curves my lips as Alec swings open the door dramatically, his eyes searching for Millie.

“Gotcha,” He whispers and grabs Millie by the waist.

She screams loudly as he brings her up effortlessly to his chest, before blowing a raspberry on her bare stomach
where her top has risen.

She’s giggling and squirming as
he tickles her, laughing. I watch on, feeling like a creep for watching such an intimate sibling moment, but it’s just too cute not to look on. Heck, you don’t see this part of
Alec everyday- I need to make the most of it.
I think I need to move now.

That Lego brick is imprinting
itself into my a-s.
I shift and stand up in the cupboard, straightening out my beanie and brushing off my jeans. Now anyone who
knows me well knows that I’m most certainly not a fashionista, but I’m pretty proud of the outfit I co- ordinated today. A pair of pale blue skinny jeans, a nautical navy and white striped top and a navy beanie with my converse: the kind of outfits that Violet wished I
wore all of the time, but one I actually don’t mind wearing.

Ooh speaking of Violet, I told her about what
happened on the blind date, and she apologised
profusely. She, like Alec, knows the basics of mine and Toby’s past relationship, but there are some things I can’t
tell even my best friend. I haven’t told anyone, for my own reasons. It gets lonely sometimes.

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