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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 75
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“Yeah I’m good cheers,”
Alec replies coolly, but he stiffens beside me as he sees the wink.

Then, ever so casually, he throws his arm around the back of the
bench. What….? I stare at him surprised. What is he trying to do? The boy in front of us watches the action cheekily, and I start to feel a little unsettled.

What is this, like a possessive thing? Territory marking? I glance over at Millie.

I’m glad she’s okay playing with the other girl.

They seem to be getting on well, at least. Maybe I’ll escape over there.

“I’m Nick,”
The boy grins. “You any good at boarding?
Want a go?”

“Alec. And no thanks, it’s not really my thing.”
Alec’s voice sounds slightly defensive and cold, and I look over
at him surprised. Why is he being so rude? Nick’s eyebrows rise a little at his reaction, before he turns to me with the twinkle returned to his eyes. What a flirt.

“What about you, babe? Want a go?”

I glance over to Alec, before shrugging. “Yeah, I think I

Nick grins, offering me a hand to pull me up. “That’s cool,” He smirks, “Yo mate, I think you’re little girlfriend
here has bigger balls than you.”
He kicks up his skateboard and offers it to me, smiling smugly over at Alec when he thinks I’m not looking.

As for Alec, I don’t think he’s even noticed me leaving; he’s too busy glaring
at Nick. Boys and their stupid pride.

I grab the skateboard and begin to walk towards the ramps. I climb up a
medium sized one in the most dignified way I can, setting the board on the edge and placing my foot on it to steady it. I can sense them all watching me, and I blush.
No pressure then.

I place my weight on the board, and slide down the ramp towards the jumps. I’m no expert here, but I can do the odd trick or two.

Toby showed me some back
when we were together: we came here a lot to practice.

The wind rushes in my face, and I feel the familiar drop of adrenaline as I jump down the ramp. Boom! The skateboard spins beneath my feet in an Olly trick that I’ve
practiced many times (usually in my back yard because I’m sad like that), and then I continue to slide up the
nearest jump.

My skateboard flicks high in the air at the
end, and I catch it, landing firmly on my feet on the ground. Bam. I’ve still got it, baby.
I’m feeling smug.

I turn towards the boys and offer them a small courtesy.

Nick is full on grinning, but Alec just looks shocked. Is it really that surprising that I know how to skateboard?
Sexist pigs these days.

I chuck Nick his skateboard back, and he catches it neatly.

I smile, “I needed that.”
“You’re welcome,”
Nick steps closer. A little too close for my liking, despite how hot he is. The player vibe is practically flooding off him. “Maybe I could get your
number in return?”
I go to reply but Alec beats me to it, interrupting.

“I think we should go now Riley. Nice meeting you Nick,”

Alec grabs my arm, sneering Nick’s name as though it’s a disease. I c--k an eyebrow at him as he drags me away
from the guys. I can hear them laughing behind us. Is there something I’m missing? I glance over at Alec, but he’s just glaring forward. Someone’s PMSing. I stare
confused at Alec as he pulls me onto a bench, as far away as I can possibly get from the skateboarders.

From here we can still see Millie, but not as well. I don’t understand- why can’t we just go and sit where we were sat? He slides in next to me, still frowning from the

Anger washes off him in thick rich waves, and
his eyes are stormy as he avoids my gaze.

“Okay, what’s up? Because you’re acting like a pre-teen on her first period.”

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