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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 77
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I sneeze explosively, rocking back and forth in my bed. My duvet is coiled around me like a cocoon and
my body feels sticky with sweat from my fever. Gross, I know. I squint at the alarm clock with sore eyes, the light only intensifying my head ache that much more. 7:15 Am.
This time should be illegal.

I groan quietly and collapse back to the pillow, exhausted. Yeah, there’s no
doubt that I’m sick. Unfortunately, knowing my darling mother, unless I’m practically dying- I’ll still be going in to

The disadvantages of having a doctor as a mother I guess: they know when you can cope with going to school, whether you feel able to or not.

I sit up slowly and slide my feet out of bed, resting my back against the headboard. I probably need to go and
have a shower ready for school, but I’m going to try and persuade mom into letting me stay home first. “Mom!” I
call weakly, “Mom, please can you come here?” I can hear her shuffling about in the room opposite, and after
an exasperated sigh she appears in the doorway.

“What is it Riley? You know I need to get ready for work,”

She leans her head against the doorway, the bags prominent beneath her eyes despite how much sleep she gets. I know my mum has a stressful job, so I try not to
cause her anymore stress, but today I really don’t think I can go to school, and I’m being honest. I’m having one of those horrible head-pounding days that everybody

“Mom, I feel terrible,”
I tell her, my voice raspy from my sore throat, “I’ve got a killer headache and a fever.

I honestly don’t think I can go in.”
The brute honesty in my voice must have registered with her, and she quickly
surveys my condition; her eyes running over my
rumpled sheets and pasty skin. Sighing, she heads over to the bed to put her hand on my forehead. It’s like ice
against my clammy skin, and from the concerned but frustrated look she gives me, she knows it too.

“You have a fever,” She murmurs, “I suppose you can stay off
school today, but you’ve got to promise to look after yourself Riley,”
She gives me a warning look, “I have non-stop appointments today and I can’t afford for you
to keep ringing me whilst I’m at work. Take some aspirin, okay?”

“Okay mum. Love you,”
I smile weakly. She returns the smile, pecking me on the forehead sweetly.

“Oh, and have a shower,” She calls back to me as she leaves the room, “You stink.”

Gee, thanks mom.

Obeying mom’s orders, I haul myself out of bed and weakly plod into the bathroom, not even bothering to check in the mirror first.

I know I’ll look disgusting,
what’s the point in confirming it? I‘m ill, I deserve to look like a hobo for at least one day. Turning on the water with a small sigh, I strip down from my sweat ridden
clothes and step into the shower. My lord, I needed this.

The hot jets of water wash away the grime and sweat that has gathered overnight, leaving me feeling a lot less grungy, and a hell of a lot more refreshed.

Grungy is such a disgusting word.

After towel drying my hair, I pull it up in a messy bun and shove on an old band t-shirt with my superman leggings. Yes, you heard that right by the way.

Superman leggings. Be jealous. I’m not going to dress up for a day full of sneezing, am I? Not bothering to do make-up, I head back into my bedroom and draw back
the curtains to speak to Alec. This is becoming a kind of regular occurrence now- we speak through our windows a lot. It’s like a big, juicy cliché, I know.
Don’t remind me. Alec glances over as I open the window, offering me a small smile. He’s stood there, smiling at
me, absolutely jaw droppingly shirtless.

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