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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 79
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“Aww that’s not fair,”
He whines, “I want to stay at
home! Why is mum making me go?”

“Because you aren’t ill,”
I roll my eyes, ignoring the pain in my head as I do so.

“Eat your breakfast.”

“This is so unfair,”
He grumbles, stirring his cereal. He’s acting like a typical eight year old boy.

Does he think I want to feel like crap? I roll my eyes and begin searching around the cupboards for some throat lozenges.

I rarely get ill, luckily for me, so I don’t even know for sure that we have some.

I’m just living off the hope that we do,
because my throat is on fire.

“Got ya,”
I murmur as I finally uncover some in the midst of the cereal boxes.

Why they’re there, I’ll never

The packet looks about five years out of date, and the sweets are all stuck to their wrappers, but it can’t do that much harm can it? I might as well give it a shot.

“I’m going upstairs to bed,”
I decide, shoving a menthol lozenge in my mouth, “Have a good day at school.” He
doesn’t grace me with a reply, too busy slaying zombies no doubt. Kids.
I collapse back into my bedcovers with a sigh, wrapping the roasting fabric around me despite my skyrocketing
temperature. I am craving mocha, but it’s only because I’m really tired.

Might as well get some sleep until Alec arrives and then have one when I wake up…I have the
feeling I’m going to need all the energy I can get today.

Another head throb hits me hard and I cringe into the pillow.

I bloody hope that aspirin kicks in soon.

Someone’s voice stirs me from my sleep and I shift uncomfortably. “Riley, c’mon, wake-up.” Why won’t they just leave me to sleep? I grumble under my breath, keeping my eyelids firmly closed as I snuggle deeper into
my cocoon of blankets.


The voice persists mercilessly. My eyes snap open and I growl in frustration, knowing that there’s no
chance that I’ll get back to sleep. Who is this person, and why are they waking me up?

I snap, “What do you want?” I sit up in my bed,
scowling as the cloudy headedness hits me again and searching for the culprit, only to find that my bedroom is empty.

My irritated expression morphs into a frown as I realise the sound isn’t coming from inside the room, it’s coming from outside. More specifically, the window.

Alec freaking Ryder, I am going to castrate you.
Preferably with a really rusted, blunt knife.

“What is it Alec?” I grumble, climbing out of bed to head to the window.

I quickly run my fingers through the
messy loose curls that have escaped from my bun,
tucking them behind my ear. So I’m self-conscious about my bedhead, don’t judge me. I can’t help it that I happen
to live next door to a Spanish hottie who falls out of bed looking like a supermodel. I’m pretty sure you’d do the
same in my position. “Why in the hell did you wake me up?” I step in front of the window, leaning down ever so slightly to glare at the boy in the opposite sill.

“It’s 11:00am princess. Who lit the fuse to your tampon?”

My eyes narrow. D--n it, my comeback abilities don’t work at this time of morning. “Leave me alone Ryder, I
want to go back to sleep.”

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